Learn about good interaction with customers bring a big tip

  1. Introduce yourself. Make eye contact with the customer after you’ve invited them to sit and introduce yourself It will be a good conversation starter which leads to more tips on average and allows them to call you politely later on as well. Collect work at once by introducing himself while handing out the menu to them including checking that Cutlery, napkins, and accessories are there a full number? We mentioned the tips about 호빠 must read it indeed you will satisfy from our providing information,
  2. Stay polite, friendly, and supportive. Even with angry customers when talking to customers you should always use respectful words such as Ms. / Ms. / Ms. or Ms. and always be friendly and optimistic.
  • Ask customers if they have ever eaten at the restaurant or not which if they never came or a new customer you’ll be given a proper welcome and a special introduction to the menu.
  • Always have a friendly attitude. But do not intervene while the customer is talking until they call keep doing your job But let customers eat and talk in private.
  • Always remember to smile No matter how frustrating it can be for customers and colleagues. This will help you avoid problems later!
  • Does not talk or gossip about customers even if they can’t hear you say you should always respect them when you talk about them in case they might have eyes and ears there
  1. Respect customer privacy. Do not sit at the table while taking orders. Do not shake hands or hug unless they are your friends or in the case that handshake is a policy to welcome customers of the shop itself other forms of interaction It depends on the atmosphere of the shop and gender of each individual. A study of restaurants in the United States found that A female waitress gently touches a customer’s shoulder, hand or arm. The chances of getting a tip are higher than the average employee. However, that’s what you should only do if the customer is relaxed or friendly. And do not do in case the customer comes with a boyfriend or a woman. You’d rather be good-natured than flirt.
  2. Give personal advice about the food that the customer ordered if any customer asks for your opinion. You should be prepared to answer questions well. You should also have your favorite menu in mind to guide them when requested. If a customer orders a menu that often has negative complaints. You should advise that customer to order something else instead. Some customers love to hear about the restaurant’s “insider”, but you shouldn’t be so overbearing that you’re insulting the food in your restaurant. Unless you’re working in a very informal store, then you might want to suggest a different menu for them instead, perhaps using the term “cheese.” “Directly Chef’s Recommended” or “My Favorite Dish”
  3. Prepare food as needed If the customer orders with reasonableness. Many customers have serious reasons for avoiding seasonings. or some ingredients Including the components that make them allergic if you’re not sure whether or not each menu item has these ingredients. (Actually, you should know.) You might even check in the kitchen yourself to let your customers know. Do not lie or tell customers that the ingredients have been removed. If you can’t get the food they want. You should be honest and offer nearby menus that customers can eat instead. Don’t be skeptical with your customers. Keep in mind that there are many reasons that customers want special cooking. Much more than you’d understand, for example, it could be religious regulations or some cult (vegan and vegetarian) or as a personal dietary requirement If you can cook according to customers’ orders, then just do it. Don’t be skeptical or ask customers why!
  4. Being a   호빠알바 review the food items that the customer ordered. A study of restaurants in the United States found that waitresses who reviewed menus from customers tend to get more tips no matter how much the effect of doing so, but at least it gives the customer a refresher and has the opportunity to change your mind
  5. Always take care of customers and notify the progress. If you are a new waiter you may need some time. Than to feel that how often should I go and look at each customer’s table? You might at least drop in when they finish each meal and when they seem bored or irritable when waiting for food longer than usual. If possible, you should clearly specify the time. When they asked how long to wait stop and fill the customer with water when the water in the glass is too low or if it is a non-refillable type you should ask the customer if they want to order more.
  6. Collect the plates that customers have finished eating immediately. But don’t forget to ask your customers every time. You should ask the customer if the customer has finished their meal. Or can you keep the plates away? Before collecting if there are many dishes left you might ask is this dish okay? Many restaurants allow waitresses to offer certain perks to their customers. In case they are dissatisfied with something this will help preserve your tip.

9. Make friends with regular customers. Try to be friendly with some customers you may not have talked to before. If they’ve been sitting in the zone you’re supervising more than once you should start talking. They may not need to get close to them very quickly. But you might feel like some of them. Remember their names and favorite drinks including the workplace of each person. Make them feel like they’re at a friend’s restaurant, which is you! Try to remember or remember your appearance including their favorite menu If any customer has come more than once Customers will surely be impressed. If you can tell right away what kind of steak they want.

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