Learn how to differentiate the main characters in My Little Pony games!

If your daughter has just started playing My Little Pony games, even she might find it a little difficult to differentiate the main characters – let alone you! Therefore, in this article, we’ve asked our friends from the website to help us tell all the intensely colored ponies apart. Of course, as you’ll see if you watch your young princess play, these are just a few of the little animals that appear throughout the levels. It’s a good start but the MLP world is much more vast and ever-increasing.

Without further ado, here are the main characters from My Little Pony games, as well as their most important characteristics:

1. Twilight Sparkle – purple with blue hair 

She’s the central character from My Little Pony games, who can transform into an Alicorn. 

Personality: sociable & friendly, loves books & knowledge, rational;

Skills: organization, teaching, magic; 

2. Applejack – orange with blonde hair 

She’s an Earth pony who works with her family at Sweet Apple Acres (a farm and orchard). 

Personality: diligent, mannered, stubborn, empathetic & careful, honest, great appetite;

Skills: strength, athleticism, cooking, herding, playing musical instruments; 

my little pony games 2

3. Fluttershy – yellow with pink hair 

Another important My Little Pony games character, she is a Pegasus pony, living in a small cottage near the forest & taking care of animals. 

Personality: shy, kind & empathetic, assertive, angry (sometimes);

Skills: animal care, staring, flying, sewing, playing music;

4. Rarity – light blue with purple hair

As her name suggests, she’s a one-of-a-kind pony, who works as a fashion designer & seamstress at her own shop.

Personality: loves beauty, likes to be in the center of attention, generosity;

Skills: magic, close combat, feminine charms, music;

5. Pinkie Pie – light pink with pink hair

My Little Pony games wouldn’t be the same without Pinkie Pie! She’s another Earth pony, working as a baker & making the world a better place with her unmistakable laugh.

Personality: exuberant, cartoonish behavior, loves to party, insecure;

Skills: musical abilities, baking, a sixth sense (predicting the future), skating, memory;

6. Rainbow Dash – light blue with rainbow hair

Last but not least, Rainbow Dash is another Pegasus pony, who is responsible for clearing the skies & maintaining good weather.

Personality: loyal, competitive, self-confident, brash, mischievous, loves books;

Skills: flying, clearing the skies, maintaining the weather.

One of the little ponies can become your daughter’s best friend!

As you can see, the six main characters from My Little Pony games are very different from each other, but we can assure you that they make a good team. Each one has different qualities, but also defects, a thing that will teach your daughter a very valuable lesson: nobody is perfect & nobody should be perfect! By getting to know all the ponies, she will most certainly pick her favorite (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Twilight Sparkle, the main character). This will make her feel like she has a virtual best friend or even a sister & they will enjoy countless adventures together!

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