Learn the Most Aesthetic Ways to Style Your Bed

Learn the Most Aesthetic Ways to Style Your Bed

We spend most of our time in the bedroom and bed is the highlight of every bedroom. It is obvious that all beds deserve attention and dedication from bed owners. Is your bed lacking that love from you? Do you not like the way your bed looks in the bedroom? If yes, this article is for you. We have searched and collected all the tips to adjust your bedding styles just for you. These tips are beyond layers and textures.

Even though the task of bed making is time consuming and tiring, no one can deny the satisfaction it offers. If you only spend a minute after waking up to straighten the sheets, everything will look refined.

Below are some of the best bed making tips to enhance the aesthetics of your room. All the bed professionals follow the same formula for styling their bed. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Start with an Unshakable Foundation

As a general rule of thumb, people advise you to purchase the most premium materials according to your budget. We spend a third of our lifetime in our beds. Therefore, an excellent frame, mattress and an arrangement of sheets is definitely worth the investment.

Speaking of sheets, many people generally select white since it is timeless and also because it offers a place where your glance can rest easily after you start adding in different patterns, colors and prints.

2. Do the Top Sheet

Remember to place the flat sheet in reverse aka the finished side down. This is because the softness will embrace you after you plop down in bed after a long day. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

Moreover, the finished reverse side will be open to you after you fold the banding back. Have you ever thought about how to make those pretty hospital corners? That is very simple too!

3. Layer Up

No matter what the time of year is, the addition of layers is fundamental to securing a beautiful bed which looks appealing and cozy. You should choose comfy and neutral textures. You can also select random tones and patterns in order to achieve a lasting contrast and depth.

Put a light cotton quilt or coverlet on top of the sheets and afterwards, add the duvet. A fast bed making technique is: fold the duvet in half and then pull the top part back in thirds. This will allow you to properly display the layers and pillows. In case it is winter, sleep beneath the duvet and utilize the quilt as an accent. As for the warm summer months, put your duvet at the foot of the bed or replace it with another which is more lightweight.

4. Indulge in the Pillow Game

We are now going from minimal to more decorative steps. Pillows are a bedding component that can add great appeal and style to your bed. They are available in tons of designs, patterns, colors and shapes. This is why you should search for pillows which match your style.

First of all, do the simple part: Match the bigger shams with the duvet and put them behind the daytime pillows that are also matching with the sheet set. These are usually larger and fill the gap nearer to the headboard perfectly. As an alternative option, you can also stack them for a more contemporary appearance.

Speaking of accent pillows, there is no perfect amount. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you are moving each night. Some people change to three, you can place 3 completely different pillows. Two pillows can match in shade and size along with 1 little pillow at the front or even as a long lumbar.

And if you are a fan of geometry, you should mix round pillows with a long narrow lumbar. By switching up shapes, you can add a rectangular, square or round shaped pillows that will complement the lumbar perfectly. If you like, you can place even 2 lumbars. But with two lumbars, you can change their material. If one is cotton linen, the other can be made of leather.

5. Do the Last Finishing Touches

The last touches which pull the entire bed together are the key to an amazing bed. You can start by placing a folded throw at the front of the bed. This is a good start. You can also simply drape the folded throw at the side. This will actually assist with the aesthetic of the color scheme or at least add a nice texture.

Afterwards, you should gather some more energy and go over to the nightstand. Firstly, clean it and try to style the area. You can place some books, improve the lights or plop a framed picture. If none of these things are according to your liking, you can simply place tiny accessories. These will assist you in making that attractive bed space.

A Bed Making Formula: Sleeping Pillows + Two or Three Varying Shaped and Sized Accent Pillows

If you like “throw pillows” and do not want to buy a lumbar, this technique is for you. Many people place a few pillows of varying sizes in front of base pillows. However, the base pillow should be 24 inches in order to look good behind the mini pillow collection.

But this measurement is appropriate for a king size bed. For queen or full sized beds, a 20 inches pillow will work perfectly. It is important that the mini pillow collection has all shapes, small, medium and large. Get one large, one medium and one small pillow. You can match the pillow’s colors with the headboard or blanket. Pulling from those colors will be aesthetic especially if your blanket is of a strong color.

A great shape for the pillows is round, especially if the other pillows on the bed are rectangular or square shaped. Remember that wherever you will place the pillows, buy them in different textures, colors, shapes and sizes.






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