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Leather vs. Fabric: Which Sofa Is Right for You?

When you add a sofa to a living space, your choice of a material is an important consideration as it should mix with the decor and other textures in a room. Not only should it be easy to clean, but it also should be durable and stylish. One material that meets these criteria is leather. While cloth sofas have their benefits, you will find leather is frequently the preferred choice.

Here’s why.

Comfort and Design

Some people automatically assume sofas made of cloth are more comfortable. However, like leather couches, fabric sofas do not come with a template design. In fact, some cloth sofas can be downright uncomfortable.

By contrast, leather-made sofas are featured in a  wide range of styles. Some of the furnishings are more suitable, for instance, to formal and professional settings, while others are designed for a more contemporary decor. Therefore, both leather and cloth couches have varying levels of comfort.

For instance, a leather sofa that has additional depth and width is an excellent lounger and offers both cushion and support. Add a solid hardwood frame and down-filled design and you can relax to your heart’s content.

In addition, you can find leather styles that come in daybeds or which feature a reclining design. So, actually, leather offers plenty of options with respect to both comfort and style.

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Patterns and Colors

Leather sofas are not just featured in neutrals, such as brown, gray, tan, or black, they are available in a large range of attractive and complementary hues.  While you can buy fabric couches in a wide array of patterns and colors, you can also find leather-crafted sofas that come in colors galore to buy online.

Leather couches come in variations of brown, black, and gray, as well as colors, such as cinnamon, blue, or red. You can also buy white sofas in leather to update your living space.

Decorative Enhancements and Finishes

Fabric sofas often lack some of the adornments and details of a leather couch. For example, you can buy a leather couch with nail finishes in pewter or brass, or find sofas that highlight a traditional look with a wall-hugging design or stylish tufted back. Finishes may be added in colors, such as  black or cherry, depending on the couch’s design.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Leather wins over cloth when it comes to cleaning and repair. To clean a leather couch, you only need to use a slightly damp cloth to remove a spill. While cloth sofas often are made with a stain-resistant material, unwanted spots can still seep into the fabric if you don’t immediately catch a spill.

If you have a pet that sheds, you can more easily clean leather than cloth, as the static electricity in the air causes a pet’s hair to cling more easily to  the threads. Pet odors also absorb more easily into the fabric. Therefore, leather is simpler to clean and is more hypoallergenic.

Paying the Additional Price for Leather: Why It May Pay Off in the End

While the price for a leather couch is more than what it is for cloth, a leather sofa will last longer. Leather couches, on average, depending on care and use, last at least 5 years longer than cloth. However, premium leather furnishings can last as long as 10 years or more than their cloth counterparts.


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