Let’s have a closer look at cricket bets

Cricket is one of the most well-thought-of sports in India, and it’s not a matter of surprise for everyone. Its exciting atmosphere and unspeakable gaming process won’t leave anyone lukewarm.

Nothing can be matched with the intoxicating betting atmosphere. Indians are widely regarded as gambling connoisseurs, so they enjoy testing their luck by placing bets.

Betwinner India allows you to feel the betting vibe and show your cricket awareness.

Given the fact that the population of this country is more than a billion people, this sport is considered by many to be the second most popular sport after soccer in the world. Betting on cricket is becoming more and more popular every year

Cricket is a team sport, information about which began to appear in the 16th century. The game was firstly played in Britain. If you go back a little bit in history, after the 16th century, the number of British colonies around the world was growing rapidly. This can explain the emergence of cricket in India, South Africa, Australia, and other countries.

Types of bets

Betting on cricket in pre-match and live, in general, does not differ from soccer. In betting on this sport the same classic outcomes, handicaps, totals, double odds, and others are presented. Let’s talk in detail about each of them:

  • Outcome. In the one-day cricket format, in the bookmakers’ lines, you can find the outcomes only to win. In the popular cricket format — the first level presented the line on the outcomes with three paths (P1-X-P2).
  • Handicap. When a favorite meets an underdog, you can use handicaps (only with a strong belief in the underdog). A popular bet in cricket is a zero handicap. Bettors use it when they meet as f two roughly equal teams.
  • Total. Presented team totals, total and individual. Match Statistics. Cricket is rich in different statistics and minor events.
  • Statistics. You can bet on the team and individual data on popular cricket matches — who will win the first partnership, the number of ran-outs, and so on.

Betting strategies

Odds on cricket very often vary even before the start of the match. Cricket betting strategies can be very diverse, but the most popular are forks. This is due to the fact that the quotes jump. Let us tell you how to apply this strategy. It is necessary to identify the favorite of the match with an overvalued quote and bet on it immediately after opening the line with the maximum odds.

Having correctly chosen the favorite of the match, the player is sure that the odds on his victory will drop. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the drawdown will provide an opportunity to play a bookmaker’s fork, and ensure yourself a profit, regardless of the outcome of the match.

In India, online cricket betting goes most often on the favorite team, and the balance of power is somewhat blurred. If bettors conduct competent analytics and skillfully apply statistics, there is a strong chance of playing in the plus over the distance.


Betting on cricket is no longer something unique and new. This sport is worth a closer look for players who know that the less popular the sport is in the country, the less attention it receives from bookmakers, and the more successful bets are at your fingertips. This can mean an abundance of errors in the line.


Is cricket popular in India?

Yes, it’s a matter of common notoriety that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. It’s ranked second in the betting hierarchy, and only football is ahead of this marvelous sport. Make sure to find a decent bookmakers before placing bets.

How to bet on cricket?

It’s not challenging to bet on cricket matches. You need to find a reliable bookmaker with a time-tested reputation, for example, Betwinner India. Then you can find your outing and place a bet.

How to win money while placing bets?

You need to know the peculiarities of this sport, including in-depth insights on players’ emotional aspects and injuries. Only after that you can place bets on your favorite match outcome.


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