Life-time AutoCAD LT license (only for 2D drafting)

Today, almost no design company can do without a professional digital automated tool for creating and editing graphic models of drawings. However, when buying or renting a license from a developer, it can be too expensive, and not every design company, and even more so an architect or freelance engineer, can afford such a purchase. ProCADIS offers every potential buyer a Life-time AutoCAD LT license (only for 2D drafting) in the 2017 release. The details of the product itself are described in detail below, as well as the features and algorithm for purchasing software and the benefits of completing a transaction on the ProCADIS trading platform.

Key Features of Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2017

  • A perpetual software license is offered for purchase, which implies payment for a commodity unit only once, after which the customer may only need to draw up a contract for product maintenance.
  • Considering that this intellectual product is considered second-hand, its cost is only 129.95 US dollars, which is ten times cheaper than similar versions of modern licensed software from the AutoDesk developer.
  • The software, a graphics editor, opens both on computers with the Windows operating system and on Mac.
  • The considered program for designers AutoCAD LT 2017 supports 14 languages, among which there are such as English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Korean, as well as some other less popular languages.
  • In the electronic catalog of ProCADIS, on the official website, there are more than 50 items of this product, which can be ordered at a discount when obtaining several license keys for the work of a large design organization or a team of freelance designers.

What is AutoCAD LT 2017?

  • First of all, AutoCAD LT 2017 is one of the best design products for the automated development of graphic files from AutoDesk. This version of the product not only includes inherent improvements over earlier releases of the product, but also major developments that form the basis of many other, later versions of the program.
  • AutoCAD LT 2017 is ideal for structural engineers and designers of engineering sections, electrical, or other building communications.
  • The software is mainly designed to work on a plane, in 2D format.
  • AutoCAD LT 2017 is characterized by the highest construction accuracy, which allows it to be used in the development of working drawings for subsequent transfer to the construction site without fear of making a mistake.
  • Unlike most later versions, AutoCAD LT 2017 provides a rich set of features and advanced features for the designer, but the program does not place high demands on hardware and does not take up much hard drive space.
  • This software is one of the most affordable, compared to analogs, which explains its increased popularity among both the owners of design companies and freelancers at home.
  • One of the unique features of AutoCAD LT 2017 is the availability of a mobile app that you can download to your smartphone and view drawings from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Although the licensed developer, as well as many representatives of the design and construction business, claim that AutoCAD LT 2017 is already hopelessly outdated, practice proves the opposite, and this software is one of the most reliable among most analogs.

What improvements have been made in AutoCAD LT 2017 compared to previous versions?

  • AutoDesk has tried to release 2017 a perfect universal product, in which most of the errors from previous versions were deeply analyzed and corrected.
  • The program in question is fully compatible with AutoCAD Architecture, which means that when you re-save an imported drawing, it is no longer highlighted or an error is made, as it was in earlier versions.
  • When working with the software, the user needs a long and careful compilation of visual styles, and layers, since their incorrect creation, copying, moving, deleting, or overlaying can cause certain failures and give an incorrect result.
  • Unfortunately, in 2017, the developers have not yet fully worked out the issue of completely transferring user settings when importing a drawing into different formats, which often leads to deleting the necessary layers or blocking some of the visual effects, including main lines, font mismatches, and deleting sizes. or out of scaling.
  • The transfer of user data in this version of the software product has become more accessible – now the customer can sort the settings into separate categories, and the system issues warnings when it detects the risk of an error.
  • A long-awaited option that designers in the construction industry have been waiting for for years. Today, the AutoCAD LT 2017 version allows you to freely transfer or import drawings without distorting or losing part of the graphics from PDF, since it is in this format that it is formed when exporting a file created in many design programs, including ArchiCAD or Corel Draw, Illustrator.
  • Thus, for the user to be sure that the PDF file will be opened without loss of information, he only needs to make sure that this intellectual product was correctly exported to this program and saved in it.
  • Snapping of objects is now carried out not only at the ends of lines or their intersections, along the center of the segment, but also through the geometric center of closed polylines, and objects of irregular configuration, and the system determines this parameter automatically.
  • Experts and users note that when working, AutoCAD LT 2017 provides convenient scaling, and the highest planning accuracy in 2D format is also achieved.
  • Thus, every customer who buys AutoCAD LT 2017 for personal use gets access to all the features and options of the licensed product from AutoDesk.


Users who contact ProCADIS often ask the same common questions, and to save time, below are answers to these common customer questions.

How is AutoCAD LT 2017 different from classic AutoCAD 2017?

AutoCAD LT 2017 involves the work of a design engineer only on a plane, without the possibility of converting a drawing model into a 3D format.

What are the territorial restrictions for AutoCAD LT 2017?

None – the product is available for download and installation in any country in the world.

What do I get when I pay for an AutoCAD LT 2017 product?

As soon as the money is credited to your account, you will receive a link to download the purchased file with a license key.

Is AutoCAD LT 2017 offered for a lifetime or will I need to renew my license for additional money?

No, renewal is not required. The license is perpetual.

What if I want to change my computer?

Just transfer the installation file from your old computer to your new one and download it again.


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