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Link Building Outreach: A Practical Guide

You have a great website with great content, but search engines are slow to index it. Perhaps you haven’t promoted it yourself properly. It is not enough to write an excellent article — you must promote it. 

And one of the best ways to promote it is through link building outreach. Besides content promotion SEO, link building outreach is a crucial marketing strategy. But how can you accomplish it? Fortunately, this post will guide you through these techniques and more. So, read on to find out. 

What is Outreach Link Building?

External links are not the only indicator of content quality, but they are one of the most important. References prove your credibility! Search engines think so, at least. An outreach campaign involves contacting representatives of target sites directly to gain links.

A primary focus is a communication, which can occur via many channels at a worker’s disposal. For instance, it might include emails, social media channels, telephone, and direct contact with events.

Why is Outreach Crucial For SEO?

It wasn’t long ago that search engine algorithms focused only on the number of external links. But there has been a shift in the value of the number and link quality. Having a link from a reputable, large site is more valuable than having a link from a new blog. 

Putting links on others’ sites, however, requires earning their permission. The least you can do is to provide something exciting and original to the site’s owner that will link to you. What could it be? Is there a way to attract third-party site owners? Here are some link building outreach strategies to consider.

Best Link Building Outreach Strategies

Your outreach can involve dozens of different link building strategies. Here are some top favorites:

Link Exchange

If you know someone or a company you consider influential, you can contact them and suggest linking to their content. Their content will link to yours, and vice versa. It is essential to control your link exchange to avoid negatively affecting your search engine ranking. Besides, you could use a three-way link exchange expert to get such quality links as you concentrate on the most vital tasks of your business. 

Broken Link Building

To use this strategy, locate a relevant dead or broken link in the content and ask the owner to replace it with one that works.

Link Reclamation

In link reclamation, you detect the links you’ve lost from websites previously linked to you and ask them to add them back.

Claiming Unlinked Mentions

Similarly to link reclamation, this strategy involves finding places where your brand hasn’t been mentioned but should have been and asking the author to fix it by including links to your website.

Link Roundups

The technique involves finding other posts relevant to your topic and putting them on a list. For example, “Best Email Marketing Content of the Month,” in which you suggest they link to your content in future content updates. 

Resource Pages

As with link roundups, the resource page asks the website owner to link to your content and add you to their list after they publish the post.

Skyscraper Method

The idea behind this outreach strategy is to find the content with many links, improve it, then inform those who linked to it that you have something better.

Guest Posting

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular strategies for link-building in the B2B content world. You only have to find a trusted platform with many readers and contact them with a proposal to write a post for them. 


You don’t need a blog post for you to request it. Wouldn’t it be better if you pitched your awesome infographics instead? By combining valuable data with visual representation, such content can be reused and is more beneficial. 

Cold Blogger Outreach

Getting in touch with people who write similar content and telling them about your excellent post is a great way to improve your link-building. They will unlikely add your link at once, but they will probably consider it for future publishing.

Link Building Outreach Process

Regardless of how you build links, the outreach process remains the same. It may include:

  • Identifying and evaluating potential donors
  • Finding the owner’s contact information and verifying it
  • Creating and sending a personalized letter
  • Managing communication and keeping track of sent emails
  • Creating a summary of the results

There’s nothing complicated about this. All steps, however, have their unique characteristics.


Getting valuable links and climbing the Google ranking ladder is more accessible through link building outreach. Therefore, it would help to move through outreach-based link-building step by step, regardless of which strategy you decide to use. It would be best if you concentrated on launching that email campaign to get your link prospect to say ‘Yes.’ 


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