List of food names to prevent vomiting during travel

Vomiting is a common problem for traveller .for that reason you become tried. Many people take medicine to prevent vomiting before travelling.  It works a lot of the time and never happens again. So you wanted to know how to take a step to stop vomiting before travel.

This article discusses some foods as an alternative to medicine that can prevent vomiting by playing. Let’s go to the list of foods to prevent vomiting:


Ginger is known as a food to prevent vomiting.  It is also very beneficial for digestion. You can have ginger tea before the trip if you have a vomiting problem while travelling.


Mint tea is very useful in stopping vomiting. It has a lot of things to stop vomiting. I think you have to take four mint with tea.

Onion juice:

Onion juice works quickly to prevent vomiting.  Onion and Ginger Thetle juice and playing together are very useful in preventing vomiting.


Cinnamon is known as an antidote.  If you travel with cinnamon tea, you will not vomit during the trip. If you add honey, the tea will be more delicious.


You can chew some cloves in your mouth while travelling.  These gloves also keep the stomach well during travel by preventing vomiting.


Cumin powder mixed with water before the trip will not cause vomiting.


Cardamom will cure vomiting while travelling.  Cardamom is also suitable for digestion.  Cardamom tea is very refreshing.

List of food names to prevent vomiting during travel 2

Hot lemon water:

If you can mix a little salt in hot lemon water and eat it, that can prevent vomiting.  It helps a lot in relieving headaches, nausea and vomiting.


Vomiting – There are many names of fennel in nausea and vomiting.  Chabale nausea – nausea is eliminated before the trip anise Chao is very useful.

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