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Living In A House Vs. Condo In Thailand – Which Is The Better Option?

When it comes to living in Thailand, one of the biggest considerations is the type of accommodation that you choose. How can you decide which is the better option for you? In this article, we’re going to focus specifically on houses Vs. condos; how do they compare? Is it a close call or is there a clear winner? Here’s everything you need to know!

Pros and Cons of Living in a House in Thailand


  • Size and space: typically speaking, a house in Thailand will provide much more space in terms of square footage than a condo. While you can certainly get 3-4-bedroom condos, they’re comparatively more expensive than a 3-4-bedroom house.
  • Gardens: in most decent houses in Thailand you should have some garden space attached to the property. This can be great if you have children and love looking after plants.
  • Privacy: houses offer much more privacy than a condominium as you don’t have to share your building with potentially hundreds of other people.


  • Fewer options: it’s much easier to find a condo in Thailand than it is to find a house.
  • Maintenance obligations: with a condo, generally speaking the maintenance is taken care of by the building management. Certainly, if you’re renting a house the landlord should take care of the maintenance (e.g., common plumbing problems), however, you will be responsible for keeping it clean and looking after it – which can be a lot of work for bigger houses.
  • Fewer facilities and local amenities: condos tend to be situated in fairly central locations with local amenities and in-house facilities, such as a swimming pool, fitness room, and restaurant, etc.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Condo in Thailand


  • Security: condos have round the clock security, CCTV, and key card access – houses do not (unless in a gated community).
  • More choice.
  • No maintenance obligations.
  • Better amenities and facilities.
  • Room with a view: some condos boast balconies with oceans views. If you find the right condominium you can enjoy some truly unique and breath-taking views.
  • Cheaper: generally speaking, condos are cheaper to purchase and rent than houses. It all depends on size though. For example: as a single person living alone, it would be much more economical to live in a studio or 1-bed condo than a house.


  • Rules and regulations: g., some condominiums don’t allow pets.
  • A lack of privacy.
  • Additional fees (maintenance fees, etc.).
  • Resale issues: if you’re buying a condo, bear in mind that it’s typically easier to sell a house than it is a condo.
  • Space limitations: for growing families, a house in recommended.


All in all, it’s a relatively close call. When you weigh up all the pros and cons you’ll find that condos and houses offer a very different living experience. As such, deciding on which is best for you depends on your individual circumstances. Again, if you are looking to get married and start a family, there are plenty of houses for sale that can accommodate that dream. However, if you are single and only looking to remain in Thailand for a few years, renting a condo is likely the better option.

Whatever the case, we wish you the best of luck on your adventures!

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