logwork time tracking software with screenshot monitoring

LogWork Time Tracking Software With Screenshot Monitoring – Time Tracker For Freelancers and Teams

Effective time management is crucial for determining productivity. Time management is crucial for everyone, whether you’re a business owner who needs to oversee employee performance, a freelancer who wants to quit their job and work for themselves, or a professional who bases their income on billable hours. It might be stressful to keep track of each project, or in the case of teams and businesses, measure team performance, but with the right time tracking software, you can boost productivity and efficiency.

Time tracking software, or a time tracker, is a piece of software that helps to streamline processes by keeping track of the time spent on a work or project. Business owners and managers use it to manage payroll, bills, and invoices as well as keep track of employee work hours. Freelancers also use this tool in order to log time and handle tasks as efficiently as possible. Time tracking software can be used independently or in conjunction with other project management tools.

There are various time trackers available, and they all have unique features and functionalities. In this article, we’ll talk about LogWork, a time-tracking program that’s great for freelancers and teams, as well as its advantages.

What Exactly Is LogWork Time Tracker?

LogWork is a feature-rich time tracker that was created with an emphasis on productivity and time savings. It is a fantastic choice for freelancers and business owners working alone, and since it can manage collaborative tasks, it also works well for teams. The main characteristics that set this time-tracking software apart from the competitors are listed below.

  • Productivity Tools

LogWork has a variety of tools to help track work productivity. It keeps track of how much time is spent using the device and notices when it is idle. Its auto-start and auto-pause features  and the time paused when the user is idle ensure accuracy in the time tracking. The software also allows you to enable or disable screenshot monitoring as well as app and web usage tracking in order to follow the team’s activities in real-time and identify times when workers are getting distracted from their jobs. You can customize these features for each member of the team.


  • Screenshot Monitoring

In order to track progress, this time tracker includes a recording feature that enables users to automatically take screen snapshots of their devices at predefined intervals while the timer is running. This feature is especially helpful for remote teams since it enables managers and team leaders to keep track of which apps or software are being used at any one time and determine whether employees are making progress toward the project’s objectives.

  • Advanced Reporting System

LogWork tracks team performance and automatically produces customized exportable reports in simple Excel or PDF timesheet formats that will help the team or business make profitable decisions. These reports could be client, employee, or project-specific or even an app or website usage report.

  • Third-party App Integration is Strong

It is now simpler to track time inside other tools like Wrike, Notion, Asana, and Zrello, among others, thanks to LogWork’s integrations with over 74 programs via browser extensions and over 3000 via Zapier.


Time tracking can make the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. With LogWork, you have complete control over everything. You can manage budgets, track project time, and staff work hours to increase your company’s productivity and profitability.






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