Loofah: The Natural Way To Exfoliate Your Skin

Any skin care enthusiast knows that exfoliation is key to glowing skin. However, many tend to ignore the skin on the body when it comes to it. While body soaps and washes are so carefully chosen, have you considered a loofah? Read along and find out why it is a routine shower accessory for many.

Loofahs are essentially body sponges or scrubbers. Although they sound rather simplistic, they are the best pair for your soap or body wash. If the products you invested in are not living up to their mark, don’t switch over already. Instead, give it a try with a loofah, and then decide for yourself. This simple tool might just change your shower routine forever!

Why Should You Buy a Loofah?

Our skin looks dull and tired because of the collection of dead skin cells on it. These cells need removal to reveal the brighter, new skin cells. Exfoliation is the best way to do so. However, to find the most effective products, we ignore the simple ones that may be the solution. A loofah is an effortless accessory that is readily available.

Loofah is a natural way to exfoliate that is gentle yet effective. Recent studies show that scrubs can cause micro-tears in the skin. However, loofahs do not have this risk. They gently buff away dead skin cells without harming the skin in any way. They are gentle enough to be used every day. We can notice bright, glowing and softer skin within the first few days of using a loofah.

Personally, loofahs were a game-changer for me. Not only did using a loofah make my skin softer and remove dullness, but it also helped to reduce my body acne significantly. A loofah is truly a must-have in your life and will transform your bath experience.

Types of Loofahs

There are quite a few types of loofahs available. A detailed discussion is given below to match loofahs for every skin concern. However, they all have one thing in common: they are a fool-proof route to exfoliation.

Bath loofahs: These are the typical round body sponges that come to mind when one hears “loofah.” They are the most gentle of the lot and are perfect for everyday use. Bath loofahs work for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Small bath scrubbers:  These loofahs are light brown or beige, small enough to hold in your palm, and are abrasive on one side. If bath loofahs are too gentle for use, then a tiny bath scrubber is the one to pick. It is still soft enough to use every day but slightly more abrasive for better exfoliation.

Bath scrubbers: They usually appear to be a hybrid between small bath scrubbers and bath loofahs. Bath scrubbers are longer than the average bath sponge. So, they are designed for those areas of the body that are harder to reach, such as your back.

Bath mitts: Special occasions call for bath mitts. These are made for deep exfoliation that you do not necessarily require daily. You should not use them more than once or twice a week.

Konjac sponge: Konjac sponges are loofahs specially made to be used on your face. They are made of konjac vegetable fibres and are incredibly gentle. They provide manual exfoliation for the face but should not be used more than twice a week.

How To Use a Loofah?

  • Rinse the loofah with water.
  • Pour a generous amount of body wash, face wash, or even a gentle body scrub onto your loofah. However, do not apply face scrub to a konjac sponge as it may be too abrasive.
  • Rub the loofah with your hands to emulsify the soap.
  • Scrub all over the body using the loofah. For the face, use it in circular motions and scrub exceptionally gently.
  • Rinse the shower gel or face wash off of the body or face.
  • Rinse the loofah thoroughly and make sure that there is no residue of soap left on it.
  • Hang the loofah to dry in your bathroom.


  • In the case of overly sensitive skin, one must be careful while using a loofah. Try to find a soft and gentle loofah or avoid it altogether.
  • Leaving the loofah wet and soggy can quickly turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria. Hence, proper drying of the loofah is a must to avoid any possible infection.
  • Do not over-exfoliate. Listen to your body and watch out for any rashes or allergies.
  • Use good-quality shower products such as the ones from skin cottage for maximum benefits.

In conclusion, loofahs are an excellent natural way of exfoliation. All it takes is a simple scrubber to give glowing and plump skin. Furthermore, they are ideal options for those who cannot tolerate scrubs or chemical exfoliants.


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