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Looking For A New Bed? Read This Buying Guide First!

Have you ever asked any Gen X or Millennials about buying a bed during their era? Well, they would have visited several showrooms, tried, tested and compared various places, and then decided to choose one. Phew! Such a tedious process. But today companies like Wakefit have a wide range of options to buy bed online. Does that mean you need to compromise on the trials and comparisons? Not at all! You can either visit any of the physical stores nearby or just search and compare choices available online. As another option, you can read this guide first to learn about a few tips while looking for a new bed.

This bed-buying guide will discuss the five R’s:

The Right Size

The first R is about the right size. When you are looking for a new bed ask yourself this question first- are you looking for a completely new bed including the mattress or looking for an upgrade retaining the existing mattress? If it is a yes to the first question, then you can choose whatever size you want depending on the size of your bedroom. While measuring, keep in mind to leave a little space around the bed for you to move freely. In simpler terms, if you have a small bedroom and also would love to place other furniture or decor, then go for queen size beds. If your bedroom size is big and you need ample space for stretching and sleeping, invest in king size beds. Upgrading to a new bed frame is easy. You need to just measure the size of your existing mattress. It should be a perfect fit for your mattress. Make sure to verify the product description to tally with your measurements.

The Right Comfort 

Now let’s talk about the second R and that is right comfort. The most important factor while looking for a new bed is the level of comfort. So, how do you measure your comfort level? Simple! Consider the who and the how; who sleeps and how they sleep. Choosing a solid wood single bed is ideal for solo sleepers who need space for stretching and sleeping in comfortable positions. You can also customise the single bed depending on your height to prevent your feet from protruding. Buying a bunk bed online is a good option for younger kids and teens. Bunk beds provide ample floor space. A bunk bed in the kids’ bedroom will help maintain an organised look. It is also an excellent choice for siblings who share the same room. Plus, saves the money of buying two beds. Depending on your comfort level, you can explore a wide range of beds available online. 

The Right Style

After figuring out the right size and comfort level, read on to learn about the third R- the right style. The style of your bed frame should perfectly match your room’s style and decor. You can choose from a wide range of bed styles. To enhance your comfort, you can use a headboard for head and neck support. The presence of a headboard is also beneficial when you want to relax your back or sit upright in bed. Upholstered bed designs will not only give you a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience but also amplify the style of your room. An upholstered headboard offers a comfortable and padded support to rest your back. This means you can use your pillow only for sleeping! Upholstered beds are available in different styles, colours, fabrics and textures. You can also opt for headboards with or without storage. When looking for the right style of bed, take into account the complete aesthetics of your bedroom.

The Right Quality 

Along with the right style, looking for a high-quality bed is equally important. The right quality is the fourth R in this bed buying guide. The right quality of material is crucial for the style and comfort of your bed. You get various types of beds online based on the material. There are upholstered beds, sheesham wood beds, teak wood beds, engineered wood beds, and solid wood beds. An upholstered bed adds elegance and a rich look to your room. On the other hand, a wooden bed teak wood offers durability. Wood and metal are popular choices for making good quality bed frames. A bed made of solid wood is heavier and long-lasting. The solid wood bed might be a classic choice, but you can customise it with unique designs to be the perfect addition to your bedroom decor. If you opt for an iron bed, the entire ambience of your bedroom will carry a touch of vintage charm and sturdy elegance. So, don’t compromise on the right quality of the material while buying a new bed.

The Right Space Management 

The fifth R in this bed buying guide is the right space management. You may be wondering that the right size, comfort, style and quality are indeed deciding factors when looking for a new bed. But how is space management related to the bed buying guide? Well, managing your space effectively will make your room look stylish. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your extra bedding were stored near your bed for easy and quick access? Sheesham wood beds with storage are a smart choice for such functional storage and help to hide your excess items. There are different models available in the market, pick the one that suits your space and decor. It is important to check the required storage and available space while shopping for a new bed for home.

The above guide must have given you a thorough understanding of the various beds available on the market. Select the one that best suits your needs, style preferences, budget, and space limitations. When you have found the best fit, make your purchase online and get it shipped to your preferred location. Buying a bed online saves a lot of time. But hey! Don’t rush your decision. Check off the items on this guide for a peaceful sleep. Night Night!


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