Low Odds Betting Strategies: Do They Work?

Most new players often dismiss low odds bets because of the low-profit margin they represent. However, if you use some strategies well and create an effective system, you can achieve significant profits. To help you, we have developed this guide to tell you how to bet on sports at low odds and in which sports it is best.

                           Are low odds bets profitable?

Sure they are, and not only are they profitable, but they are also much safer than high fees. It is easier to win hundreds of dollars with lower odds than with riskier bets. In addition, if you lose, you can recover what you lost more quickly than with high fees.

                             How to play at low odds

You will usually see low odds assigned to the favorite teams of an event, which tend to be in the range of 1.00 to 1.50. We do not recommend going to a higher number since it would take more risk, and some advantages that we will say below would not apply.

1. Look for the lowest but safe fees

The lower the odds, the higher the percentage of success you will have in a bet. It is advisable to choose fees no more significant than 1.30. Although there may be cases where you will find good chances at odds of 1.50, in which case it is also acceptable as long as you have done an excellent prior analysis.

2. Bet on sports with only two outcome options

The fewer options you have in your bets, the more chances of hitting you will have. That is why it is better that you bet on sports where there are no ties. Like, for example, basketball.

Doing it this way will decrease your error rate and may even improve the odds in some cases.

3. Combine low odds in combination bets

Another way to win more money on low odds bets is by combo bets.

When you win a combination bet, you will receive the value of the odds of your selections multiplied by each other. This way, you will win much more than betting traditionally one by one and without so much risk.

However, we do not recommend placing combination bets only by choosing selections with low odds at random. A standard fee is not synonymous with a safe bet. Therefore, you must do the necessary research and analysis on each chance you choose. You don’t want to waste your money gambling blind.

                Get used to the different types of fees

Most sports betting houses use the odds in tenths as it is much easier to understand. However, the fees can also be presented in fractional or American form, so it is best to familiarize yourself with them now.

Either way, you can use an online conversion calculator for odds if you don’t want to mess with the calculations.

Let’s start by explaining how the odds work in tenths. If you see 2.50 odds on a bet, you have to multiply the amount of your chance by the odds to find out how much you will win. For example, if you were to bet 10 $ and a winner, you would receive 25 $.

Now let’s see the second most common installment, which is the so-called American. Depending on the odds, these bets take the amount of 100 $ and the numbers + or – as a reference.

How? Well, if a bet appears with a quota of +330, this would indicate that we would win 330 $ for every 100 that we bet.

The thing changes if the fee appears with a negative sign because now it would indicate the amount we need to bet to win 100 $. For example, if the odds were -333, we would need to bet  333 $ to win just 100 $.

Finally, we have the fractional fee. In this case, the fractions, such as ⅔, would indicate that we will have a profit of 2 $ for every five that we bet.


We believe that betting at low odds is one of the best ways to get started with your sports betting. They do not carry many risks, and you can learn in the process if you bet in small amounts and with the appropriate analysis and research.

However, we do not recommend placing all your bets at low odds. Simply for the reason that at the end of the day, they are bets, and nothing is certain. Even if the odds are low, nothing guarantees that you will always win.

What counts is the research you do on each bet, the development of your betting system, and your “sixth sense” for making decisions.

We hope these low odds betting strategies have answered your questions and help you earn money and experience.


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