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Back support belts are widely used around the world because there is an increasing number of people are suffering from back pain. For patients and customers who have painful lower back pain, and can’t find a place to buy qualified back support belts, this article is for you.

Buy Premium Back Support Belts From The is an online exclusive store to buy selected lower back support belts. This shop has 8 different styles of back support belts in total. Yes, you are right, not a number of belts, but only 8 products. The 8 back support belts are all premium products in the belts’ market. They are manufactured by experienced & professional factories and made by famous brands.

Their Top Pick 1: Decompression Back Belt Supports Inflatable Traction

The amazing back belt fits 29 to 49-inch waists, this lumbar support belt comes with an extension belt that can be used according to individual needs. It can stretch and relieve tight lower back muscles and relieve lower back pain & stiffness. The lumbar traction reduces muscle fatigue and swelling, increases circulation, and helps to give you immediate & lasting relief from the herniated disc, sciatica, and other back discomforts.

  1. Provides clinical grade traction and decompression therapy. The belt is specially used for prophylaxis and adjuvant therapy to lumbar vertebrae disease.
  2. Help lift your upper body and unloading the weight off the lower back and allowing the muscles to relax. And through traction, reduce the burden around the ligament, bring good rest for the damaged lumbar fibrous ring.
  3. H-shaped air columns effectively support the waist while traction first pulls up and then supports to consolidate the traction effect.
  4. Suitable for all kinds of pain, arthritis, lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, work strain, back sprain, get rid of the annoyance of lumbar pain.
  5. Made with soft cotton and PU/TPU, the belt inflates with air and it is very lightweight and portable to be taken.Visit The Site: JioRockers

Their Top Pick 2: Medical Lumbar Support Back Belt Supports Tourmaline Self-heating

This unisex summer medical-grade back support belt is designed to prevent injury, relieve pain, and slim & shape your waist. It with 9pcs bulti-in self-heating magnets offers hot acupuncture therapy to your back & lumbar. You will feel warm after wearing it within 10 minutes. Tourmaline magnet heating technology promotes blood circulation, reducing lumbar and back pain. The lower back support belt provides life-simulation spine support & ergonomic lumbar support with Alloy+Resin plastic support bars. The bars are replaceable with each other. Belt’s fabric is breathable and elastic mesh, with delicate stitching and sewing.

There is one breathable mesh pad, one warm velvet pad, and one self-heating therapy pad in the back support belt package. The pads are replaceable and detachable, which suits your needs in all seasons.

Their Top Pick 3: Posture Back Support Belt For Lower Back and Spine

Your Life Can Be Good With This Best Back Belt! 2021 Top Selling Back Support Belt For Pain Relief and Posture Correct, Lumbar Support Belt, Adjustable Lower Back Brace. This new back support belt uses the latest unique technical designs, it’s different from other belts in the market. Designed according to the physiological spinal curvature. Two detachable magic waist support can provide more protection to our lower back.

Their Top Pick 4: Adjustable Lower Back Belt For Working and Lifting

Light and breathable lower back support belt comes with 6 support bars and a self-heating pad. Save effort hand buckle design, adjustable elastic cross straps, stay healthy by wearing it. Two ergonomically designed lumbar pads precisely placed inside to provide optimal pressure at the desired angles to back muscles for pain relief. One is a spontaneous heating pad, the other is a velvet warmth pad. The back belt contains 6 PP strips that offer 360° stronger vertical support to your lower back, relieve waist muscles ache, disc herniation, decrease the pressure on your discs, sciatica, scoliosis, etc when you are wearing the belt.

Assist with a proper posture prevent back injuries, permits full range of movement while providing comfortable support, promote correct alignment of the spine, and support a proper posture when you are standing or sitting a long time, doing housework, working, exercise, etc.

Their Top Pick 5: Pulley System Lower Back Belt For Workout and Exercise

Best Men’s Lower Back Support Belt with Adjustable Waist Straps, Most Recommended in Gyms. This is the best lower back belt pain relief product for workouts and exercises. It has great lumbar support with a pulley system for back pain relief, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, or herniated disc.

This back support belt is a washable, breathable, and easy-to-wear back pain relief product. It’s using non-neoprene, non-elastic knitted fabric which is skin-friendly. It can be worn beneath clothing directly with comfort. This back support belt is having a moveable pulley system. Adjust the back support to the exact position and pressure according to your needs, effectively providing support for back pain points. It’s an indispensable tool for patients suffering from lower back pain.

Their Top Pick 6: Waist Trainer Back Belt For Women and Fitness

This effective, adjustable, and comfortable back support belt waist trainer suit perfectly for women in gyms or doing exercise. The women’s waist trainer lower back support belt has a special design for fitness use and medical use. 5 high elastic nylon strips and 5 metal steel plates are optional to wear according to your needs. The vertical support bars and transverse elastic belt form a cross, 360° protection to the lumbar.

Imported German hot-pressing technology, one-piece without stitches, no easy to thread off or hemming, comfortable to wear, support longer lifespan.

Their Top Pick 7: EMS + TENS Therapy Back Belt Supports Massage and Heating

This Smart Back Support Massage Belt Also Helps Lose Fat, Body Shape, And Muscle Strengthen! Graphene‘far infrared rays’ have a wavelength of 6~19 microns, which compatible with the human body and can be easily absorbed. It helps to promote blood circulation, good for health. No electromagnetic radiation. Heating fast and safe, long working life!

The EMS stimulation provided by this back belt can make continuous and gentle stimulation to waist muscles. TENS treats the area directly by working in harmony with your body to alleviate both acute and chronic pain.

Their Top Pick 8: Electric Back Belt Supports Airbag Traction and Infrared Heat

It’s an electric graphene airbag back support belt, supports pain relief, air column traction, graphene hot compress, electric inflatable, seamless fit, 26° lumbar health protection. The specially designed 26° healthy angel lower back belt fits your lumbar spine perfectly. Its structure close to the body curve, offers full waist support, fit and support the waist along the lumbar spine, care for the health of your waist, reduce lumbar compression, and very breathable and comfortable to wear.

Can Support Shipping to India, Ireland, and UAE?

Yes, supports free shipping and can deliver the back support belts to the whole world, no matter you are living in India, Ireland, or the United Arab Emirates, this back belt store can let you receive the product within 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, if you want to upgrade shipping to the express carrier, they are able to send the lower back support belt order via DHL, FedEx, or UPS, so you are able to get the belt within 7 business days.

Meanwhile, supports inspection and testing before shipping, the 1-year warranty, and secure Paypal payment, you are worry-free to buy the high-quality back support belts from there. Catch your time now! Their back belts are ON Sale currently, email to [email protected], you will get the extra coupon code to purchase lower back belts at a lower price.

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