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The northern hemisphere has entered autumn. Has your favorite fashion brand launched a new autumn product? If you are a wig user, then you probably also noticed that many wig brands have launched wig styles suitable for autumn and winter. For example, LUVME already has a lot of fashionable wigs on the shelves for autumn and winter. Let’s see what innovations LUVME has in autumn wigs!

What is LUVME

LUVME is one of the most well-known online wig brands in North America. Compared with other wig brands, the biggest feature of LUVME is that it only uses the most advanced virgin hair bundles as the raw material of the wig. If you know about wigs, then you should know that virgin hair bundles are rarer and more natural wig materials than normal human hair bundles. In other words, LUVME’s wigs are 100% human hair wigs.

In terms of customer groups, LUVME mainly serves African American women. According to their statistics, LUVME has paid more than 10 million black women and helped these women explore and enjoy their beauty.

If you are interested in wigs and want to buy high quality, durable, natural human hair wigs at a reasonable price, then you can choose LUVME.

What are the new autumn products that LUVME can look forward to?

LUVME is a wig brand that has always maintained innovation. They conduct customer research and interviews every quarter, and adjust their new wigs with fashion trends. In addition to the common natural black straight wigs, natural black body wave wig, natural deep wave wig, they will also launch wigs in various colors and structures. This fall, they have also launched dozens of specially designed wigs. Of these wigs, the most noteworthy are the LUVME Braids Wig and Colored bob wigs

LUVME Braids

A tribute to black natural hair – this is the slogan proposed by the LUVME Afros Inspired collection. LUVME seems to want to create a collection of wigs that are free of burden and are naturally comfortable. They have made new breakthroughs in convenience, practicality, and naturalness. The end result of this breakthrough is LUVME Braids.

Black women’s braids are known to be very special and attractive. But that glamour comes at a price. Black women tend to spend more time and money maintaining their braids. Know that it can cost you two or three hundred dollars to book an appointment with a stylist to do your braids. If your hair is long and unmanageable, chances are you’ll need to sit in the barbershop all day.

LUVME hopes that black women can enjoy the charm of braided hair in a more relaxed and comfortable way. So they created a new wig style – LUVME braids wigs. This wig imitates the style of braided hair, with a strong sense of line. What’s more, it’s very easy to install. With LUVME braids wig, you can easily get unique, African-inspired looks in a short time.

As a wig style launched in autumn, LUVME braids has made a more humanized design in length. If you look closely, you’ll notice that LUVME Braids Wig’s hair is just enough to cover your neck. In this way, in the cold winter, this wig can just help you resist the cold invasion. Since it completely uses human hair as a raw material, it also has the thermal insulation function of human hair.

Colored Bob Wigs

In fact, Colored bob wigs are more like wigs for Halloween. Usually, we are more likely to buy black wigs. Because black human hair wigs often mean that we can bleach and dye it ourselves to achieve the color we want. Especially with Halloween coming up, who doesn’t want a special and pretty hair color? The LUVME Colored Bob Wigs collection solves this problem for us. LUVME has sophisticated dyeing techniques and hair stylists, and their Colored Bob wigs are more captivating without being too trendy. The wigs in this collection are a nice balance of edgy hair color and practicality. By purchasing LUVME Colored Bob Wig directly, you will save the cost of having your hair dyed and styled by a hairdresser.


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