Macdonald Menu Prices In India

There is no doubt in the fact that Macdonald’s has been the most favourite fast food joint for the youngsters. The great taste and the light budget are the main reasons for the popularity of this joint. When the point comes to the fast-food variety available at Macdonald, let’s add that it is offering a wide range of veg and non-veg burgers with amazing deals. It is the best place in India for those who are searching for a pocket-friendly food point. For having a detailed look at the versatile menu, have a deep look at the article.

Macdonald Menu Prices:

From the lip-smacking hot burgers to the crispy and yummy fries, everything is present in the versatile menu of Macdonald. According to the latest research, this is the largest food chain that has been spread in almost 120 countries of the world. Here, our main focus is to talk about the versatile menu and the price range of all options.

Besides hot and delicious burgers in different flavours, the joint is also offering a variety of juices, shakes, snakes, nuggets, soft drinks and a list of desserts. Although the price range of the menu is budget-friendly, it also depends on the deal that you are purchasing. For having a deep look at the Macdonald menu prices in India, we strongly recommend you to visit and see more here for complete details.

The Price Range of Menu Options:

Although the joint is popular for serving healthy and yummiest burgers with fries, the menu list doesn’t end there. Here’s a complete list of menu categories with price ranges are available.

  • The popular menu (burgers, nuggets) ranges from ₹112 to ₹304 in India.
  • Almost 4 special deals range from ₹293 to ₹647.
  • Thirdly, super combo deals include a variety of foods and these deals are perfect for families. The cost point of combo deals starts from ₹293 to ₹913.
  • For having a healthy meal, a separate menu is available which also includes non-veg food. The meal menu list offers more than 20 options and these options range from ₹219 to ₹333.
  • The happy deals are very affordable and you can buy everything under ₹128 only.
  • The fries are available in 3 different packs and the price tag ranges from ₹62 to ₹117.

Besides these menu options, several other options are also available which include drinks, desserts, wraps, nuggets and recommended menu and each option is budget-friendly. For more details, please visit the above-mentioned link.


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