Male fertility: One of the main reasons for rising infertility

As it is well known that male fertility in medical terms is defined as the number of sperm count. The fertility experts consider low sperm count as the major reason for rising infertility problems among couples. The average number of quality sperm that are alive or capable of mating with the female egg is referred to as sperm count. If the same is less than fifteen million in one ml of semen then the infertility problems are said to occur or the quality of semen is held to below. According to WHO experts, a sperm count of a minimum of thirty-nine million with every ejaculation of the semen is an efficiently fertile semen sample. However, research and analysis for years have been done to determine how to increase sperm count.

In the same context, experts believe that nature has been always a supporter. In addition to the natural resources, switching over to a health and healthy lifestyle, medications, etc. have been effective sources to increase the fertility of males. Let’s have a look at some important triggers related to the same. Make sure to get a proper pcod problem treatment

Natural support and assistance

For years sperm quality enhancement has been a major part of medical sciences, though the same has tremendously decreased in past years. Experts and medical specialists believe in natural cures and remedies for the same. Some natural ways to experience an increase in the sperm count are as under:

  • Relaxed and complete sleep 

The perfect commandment oversleep keeps you energized and active. The sound of sleep keeps your mind and body relaxed and positivity is overwhelming.

  • Weight control measures

Being overweight is the root cause of all problems. Hence, it’s better to work on it before it’s too late. Obesity can not only cause deadly diseases but it is also obstruction in intimate satisfaction. Not only this even the count of the sperm and ejaculation and control during sex are affected by excess weight. Aerobics and other such techniques/exercises help reduce the same.

  • Quitting smoking and drinking habits

Smoking and drinking influence your body and reduces your self-control. This not only harms you physically but even is a primary cause of reduced sperm count. Any type and every quantity of drugs affect your sperm count. As soon as you approach a fertility clinic or a specialist, you are asked about your addicting habits and then the need to quit the same is explained.

  • Avoiding specific medicines

Some medications such as antibiotics, anti-androgen, anti-inflammatory tablets, steroids etc. should be avoided. A health expert should be referred to in case one is suffering from sex issues.

  • Natural sources of sperm count enhancement

Fenugreek, vitamin D boosters, ashwagandha, ginseng, antioxidants rich food healthy fatty acids intake, switching to healthy eating habits, reducing exposure to environmental contaminants etc. may prove to be the natural sources of sperm count enhancement. Moreover, limiting the consumption of edible things rich in estrogen and soy etc. adds value to the same.

Including red meats, energy-giving foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy products etc. proves to be an effective support system for the purpose.

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