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Meet Sean Kirtz, a CEO with a noble mission through

technological and economic development

Sean Kirtz is a young entrepreneur known for his dedication to supporting many others

technological and economic development. This person is one of the few people who have

escaped the frenzied rush that prevails among young people in their twenties to thirties. the

The story begins with Florida Atlantic University, a well-known university in the state of Florida.

In college he studied software engineering, Casper and more. Thanks to his intelligence,

he graduated with the title Magna Cum Laude.

After graduating, unlike his friends who applied for jobs at well-known tech companies, he

jumped into the world of cryptocurrency. Due to his interest in digital currency, he founded

several companies such as Extreme Web Solutionz, Clout Network and ICO Services

incorporated. Extreme Web Solutionz is the first technology company he founded. This company

focuses on web development, promotional content writing, SEO services, and digital marketing.

In general, it’s not too different from other similar companies. However, there is one thing that

differentiates it from its competitors; its neglect of conventional cookie cutter solutions and its

focus on ethical white hat practices. Sean spent 3 years in the company before moving to

other projects.

The second company is Clout Network which was founded in mid-2016, almost 5 years ago.

a kind of online store that sells all the necessities related to cryptocurrency. This online store is aimed at

cryptocurrency users, from newbies to large cap people. Clout Network is everyone’s home

cryptocurrency users, at least Sean dreamed of. The CEO constantly rewards his users

depending on the level of their contribution to the community. The concept is so interesting, you can

even get a certain price for a simple act, vote on a simple article, which can be trivial. With

Once the voting prize is handed out, the Clout Network community has the potential to shift the role of

social media, which has been used by the majority of cryptocurrency users to socialize with a


Recently, Sean founded a new company, ICO Services. This is an extension of Clout Network

which takes more opportunities in the fast growing cryptocurrency niche? Sean used the

the experience he had acquired from Clout and perfected it. According to Sean, ICO Services has the

potential to generate revenue at least in a year of up to $ 10 million. The company has

concluded agreements with at least three public enterprises and many other private enterprises. In

developing ICO services, Sean treats this business as a community that of course needs

support from others (in this case, its users). Sean launched a small cap alternative coin to compensate

his supporters. More than getting rich, Sean focused more on developing a community of

passionate people, whatever their background.

Sean Kitz’s story can certainly serve as an example for all of us, how a young entrepreneur with

a brilliant university education, tried to inspire many people through his field of expertise.






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