Melnichenko “Olimp” Ilya About The Steps To Create A Brand Trust

People usually don’t blindly trust companies. Melnichenko “Olimp” Ilya, programmer and social media promoter, speaks about increasing brand awareness using internet technologies.

Not every product can become a brand! Only an economically stable and thriving brand with a consistently high level of consumer loyalty can be called a brand. A product that is a brand is recognizable and demanded by consumers. Of a large number of equivalent products – it is this company that attracts the eye of buyers.

It would seem that everything is simple – you need to spread information about the brand on the Internet. But this is generally the opinion of novice businessmen. Experienced entrepreneurs know that it takes a lot of work to make a brand have a positive impact.

Online advertising can:

  • be long-term or short-term;
  • work to increase sales or increase brand awareness;
  • attract visitors to increase traffic or motivate them to take some actions.

First of all, it is SEO — promotion of a company in search engines. The main task of search engine optimization is to promote sites to the top positions in search results.

Use content marketing. It is a powerful tool for building brand awareness.

The creation of content and promotion for information requests can be much more effective in the long term than the usual SEO manipulations with the issue. Display advertising is a second way to increase brand awareness. Banners on sites are not only for people to click on them. They get attention.

Second, it is SMM. It allows you to improve the company’s image, constantly inform your customers about news and promotions, introduce them to new products and services through publications in your social networks and targeted advertising.

The main task is to attract targeted visitors to the website and social networks. It means that all the money invested in the campaign will bring benefits in the future. It is not a waste.

Word of mouth marketing happens anytime people positively share your brand with their friends, family, or peers. This exchange is vital to the success of your brand. People trust their colleagues’ opinions and recommendations much more than advertisements and other messages coming directly from your brand. So, if someone hears about you from a friend, they will most likely remember you and end up buying your products or services.

All of the above takes place but seldom will give the desired result without one crucial component. It is SERP reputation management. Positive feedback about the company is what matters to you. The more people say about you, and the fewer negative comments about you, the more trust potential buyers have. If there are no comments about you or they are negative, most likely clients go to competitors. And no matter what tools you use to increase awareness, the opinion about the company worsens.

Interact with your customers, understand and value them. Communicate them on social media, ask questions. The trick is to make your promotion look like usual content sharing, not advertising. Do not make it look like you try too hard.

Reputation is not something that you once worked on and forgot. Regularity is essential here, or people will forget about you. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a work plan to improve brand awareness for about a year and stick to it.


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