Moissanite Market – Moissanite Jewelry Trends are surging in popularity

If you are new to the gemstone world, you will be surprised to learn of a great diamond alternative called moissanite. For a very long time, diamonds were a girl’s first choice and probably is to date. However, the growth of moissanite diamonds has had many people have another thought. Today, moissanite jewelry trends are surging in popularity more than ever before.

Following discontent with mining activities, gemstone lovers have throughout history been in search of sustainable solutions. The search for socially and environmentally responsible jewelry led to the founding of diamond-like substances like moissanite. Henri Moissan found this precious gem in 1893 from a meteorite and found its composition to be Silicon Carbide (SiC). Therefore, it is not pure carbon diamond despite showing superior diamond-like qualities.

Reasons for Growing Moissanite Jewelry Trends

Lab-grown solutions like moissanite are increasingly becoming a favorite among jewelry lovers. New-age customers are embracing lab-grown gems due to their ethical sourcing while maintaining superior optical properties that give great value for money. Couples are looking for socially conscious and eco-friendly products and that is why moissanite products continue to trend.

The latest moissanite jewelry trends today have a great sparkle on them. These include classic accessories such as pendant necklaces, chic stackable rings, and stud earrings that come with unique stylish designs. They have become a favorite due to their glowing brilliance from this moissanite gem. Here are many more reasons why moissanite jewelry continues to trend:

1.Versatile Moissanite Options

Dealers can shape and size moissanite into unique designs. This is so because the gem is lab-grown and hence customizable into different sizes. For that reason, jewelers have succeeded to make jewelry for everyone while offering versatile options through these custom options.

Moissanite jewelry pieces complement different styles ranging from casual to official outfits. They are classic options that will always impress and trend on the market.

2.Durability and Strength

Moissanite has diamond-like hardness as seen on the Mohs scale of hardness. Whereas diamond scores 10, moissanite has a value of 9.25. Therefore, moissanite compares well with the hardest substance ever known to man.

Today, moissanite makes such products as prong-set solitaire studs capturing both a conventional and modern feel. Due to this amazing strength quality, the gem is perfect for use in various trendy earrings in the market. These include moissanite hoop earrings, halo designs and j hoops among others.

Moissanite options are taking the lead in every jewelry product that is being sought after by jewelry lovers.  Therefore, it is unlikely that shoppers will miss these products because they are everywhere, owing to their strength, durability and quality.

3.Brilliance and Beauty

Compared to diamonds, moissanite shines better due to its high quality of reflecting light off its surface. Therefore, jewelry lovers have not found a reason why they should not consider moissanite jewelry owing to its amazing quality. Typical examples are moissanite necklaces for the best singular statement.

Moissanite jewelry adds an eye-catching beauty. Their products tend to tie an ensemble together and act as a signature item. Most of what you will find in the market includes stunning solitaire necklaces that come in prong and bezel settings. Other moissanite jewelry trends are the two and three-stone necklaces with custom contemporary designs all lit up with the brilliance of high-grade moissanite.

4.Good Quality at Affordable Prices

Most of the moissanite you will find in the market is lab-grown. Therefore, its sourcing is less sophisticated and costly than other mined options. For that reason, its retail price is much more affordable than that of mined options. This is a perfect option for those working with a tight budget and yet looking for quality jewelry.

The price of moissanite jewelry is a fraction of the same size as the diamond used in making the product. Therefore, you will get quality at a pocket-friendly price and that is why many people are inclined towards them.

Final Thoughts

Moissanite jewelry products give shoppers much of everything that they would want from the market. It is not a secret now that moissanite is a great diamond alternative owing to its amazing qualities of hardness, beauty and brilliance. Most importantly, it is readily available and more affordable than many other gems out there in the market.


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