Moon Princess Free casino Slots game in Japan

The Moon Princess slot has a fairy tale slot design with 4 symbols with heart and bell patterns and 3 symbols for each princess. And a total of 8 symbols with 1 WILD will appear. If three of the same symbols are lined up vertically or horizontally, you will win and a payout will be generated. The biggest feature is that the princess symbol pays dividends even if they are different princesses. If you don’t have all the symbols, the princess will come out and help you. You can play one of the best Moon Princess slots on the Bonsfree platform – it’s a free slots site from Bons!

The Moon Princess ムーンプリンセス has a chain function, and after the symbols won in the first lottery disappear, the symbols fall from above again and the lottery is repeated. As the winning continues, the multiplier ratio will increase, up to 20 times.

Also, when all three symbols disappear, a crescent-shaped WILD will appear, making it easier to chain. If you succeed in erasing the symbols on the full screen with this combo barrage, you will enter the long-awaited free spins!

Convenient functions / features:

In Moon Princess, three princesses will appear randomly during play. The effects are as follows.

LOVE → randomly change one symbol

STAR → 1 or 2 symbols change to WILD

STORM → 2 types of symbols are removed

Also, if the princess symbol disappears in a row during one game, the gauge at the bottom left will be accumulated and you will enter a free round called “Princess Trio”. During this time, the princesses assist the alternate players. Whether or not this “Princess Trio” can be generated is the key to entering the moon game free spins.

Free spins:

The conditions for entering the free spins of Moon Princess, ムーンプリンセス which does not have a scatter, are a little special, and you can get free spins by putting all symbols other than the WILD symbol on the reels in a “totally erased state” by chaining.

For free spins, select one of the three princesses as a partner, and since the initial number of free spins and the number of additional acquisitions differ depending on the princess, you can change it according to the player’s preference. Please find your favorite Princess Moon.

Since there is a multiplier in the chain itself, no new magnification can be applied during free spins, but it will increase up to 20 times. If all erasures occur during free spins, the payout will be 100 times.

Moon Princess Slots Free Demo Play:

Moon Princess Slots is a slot game that sets it apart from traditional slot machines. A so-called “falling game” type in which symbols fall from above instead of rotating the reels, and if symbols with the same pattern are connected, they disappear and points (dividends) are obtained.

The most enjoyable thing about this slot, which is called “grid type”, is that the symbols that have disappeared and the symbols that have fallen from above cause a chain. The Moon Princess Slot has a nice feature that the payout rate increases with each chain. It has a high explosive power after entering free spins, and is also famous as a slot where you can aim for high payouts.

Moon Princess Slot Summary:

Instead of the mainstream reel-type slots, the Moon Princess is a “grid-type” slot where you can feel as if you are playing a puzzle game with a very high level of gameplay. Animation this is a slot game that is very beautiful and has a slightly more mature feel than Sailor Moon (as is often the case with Western animation), and is very popular with princesses.

Contrary to its cute appearance, it is one of the reasons why slotters are popular because it is a slot with high volatility. Slots with high volatility are hard to hit small, but they are big when hit, so you may think that “Moon Princess cannot win” by playing a little, but it is fun because it is up to 20 times the multiplier. It’s a very complete slot with both explosive powers.


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