More Quality of Life through Downshifting?

What is quality of life? Earning as much money as possible in order to splurge? Climbing the career ladder until you are the boss? An astonishing number of people seem to think so, yet there has been a change in recent years. More and more people are parting ways with their jobs, in order to enjoy more free time – and in this way, tackle life anew.

An “easy” way to escape stress?

Work is often associated with pressure and stress, but for many it also means satisfaction. After all, good performance always results in successes that are not only financially rewarding, but also in terms of the company’s success.

People who give up work time in favor of free time often face the challenge of having to get their affirmation elsewhere. This works with different types of hobbies, for example to the adrenaline junkie, water sports would be one or painting for those that want it peaceful and relaxing. But people can also prove themselves outside of work with various games: sports games like bowling or soccer are popular here, as are various casino games.

The best online casinos in India have a brisk influx of “downshifters”, but also of customers who work full time. After all, the virtual providers are available day and night, so they are not dependent on working hours. The comparison platform Asiabet has collected and listed the best of them. Here, interested parties can make up their own minds about the conditions and other features of the casinos. The service is free of charge, only those who get into one of the games usually have to put money on the virtual table at some point. 

Making use of the gained time

Where professional successes are lacking, other victories are needed. This time with no or less pressure, but with a lot of fun and excitement. Of course, there are also people who don’t need so much recognition. For them, it may be enough to have their loved ones around them and to have plenty of time to relax. In this matter, every time is different, so you should always look for an individual solution.

The important thing is not to slip into apathy and passivity. Relatively many people tend to disappear completely into the media in their free time. They watch movies all day, play digital games or engage with social media. There is a point to all of this, but only in a slimmed-down form. When virtual media take over, real-life relationships can break down and the ropes to the real world gradually snap. 

Prevent this danger by thinking carefully about what you want to do before you cut back. In the beginning, daily schedules may help you learn a new rhythm. On the other hand, some people already have a dream they want to fulfill with “more time”: Maybe you plan to write a novel, plant a vegetable patch or learn to play an instrument? Then seize the chance now!

But what about the missing money?

Unfortunately, reducing working hours doesn’t just have a time-saving effect. You also earn less money at the same time, so you have to cope with less. That could prevent you from finally tackling your dream trip or taking up a relatively expensive new hobby. So, part of your new life is probably being satisfied with less than you had before. 

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On the one hand, this can be very relieving, but on the other hand, it can also be exhausting, especially in the beginning. You may now have to make precise grocery shopping plans for the first time in your life to get along with finances. At the same time, the step uncouples you from thoughtless consumption, a new perspective arises.

Some downshifters “fall off the wagon” because of the money, meaning they return to more work. They may miss going to the restaurant on a regular basis or being able to take a spontaneous trip to the amusement park on the weekend. Others are very happy with their walks in the woods, the inflatable boat trip and feeding the ducks at the pond. They realize that life is much more than spending money. And that’s the whole point of downshifting, isn’t it?

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