Most Promising Young Players in MLS in 2021

Most Promising Young Players in MLS in 2021

MLS used to be the resting place for some of the greatest European players, able, still, to perform at a lower level and show their differentiated skills. But the MLS has grown to be much more than that: The EUA has been investing in their own canteras, and looking forward to get some worldwide gems early on. In this article, we will talk about some of these young prospects, prone to conquer the MLS and, later on, the European football.

Talles Magno

Talles was being follow by half of Europe, as a young, tall forward, excelling in technical ability, while still showing outstanding physical capacity. We are left to wonder where his peak’s at, but, because of his talent, you should look out for the best in-play statistics for Major League Soccer to accompany his rising career.

Also, he is a proof that the MLS is looking to expand: along with Ezequiel Barco, he was one of the most surprising transfer in the last years.

Efraín Alvarez

Mexican by nationality, Efraín is a product of Galaxy’s academy. Aged 18, he already has 1 cap for the Mexican National team, and it’s not hard to understand why. An attacking midfielder that can also play on the right side, and even as a striker, he’s polyvalent and talented. With only 4 games in the MLS, he’s an exciting prospect that can affirm, finally, his talent in the next season. Perhaps even reach the level of Carlos Vela? One is left to wonder

Caden Clark

Famous for his karate-kick goal, Caden is a lively young lad, playing for NY Red Bulls. An attacking midfielder, full of talent and able to play in either the left and right side, and also on the center, Caden is only 18 years old, but already managed to score 4 goals in 7 games on the MLS, enticing each and everyone’s eyes towards him, and what he might do in the future, either in the MLS and by the USA National team.

Perhaps, one day, he will be USA’s shining star, both due to his talent and sheer charisma.

Cole Bassett

It looks like the USA are finally creating the conditions for their youth formation to blossom, especially in the midfield. Weston McKennie is the living proof that the US can produce awesome talent, performing at the top level at Juventus. Cole Bassett is yet another one in this generation that we are prone to hear more from in the next years.

More of a stabilizer than the rest of the players on the list, Cole has the technique to create and also the capacity, unnormal for his age, to lie deep into the midfield areas, almost as a 6, and help his team’s composure.

Gianluca Busio

His name reminds, rightfully so, the great nation of Italy. Yet, Gianluca is north American, and it is quite likely that he will follow his participations on the SUB-17 and SUB-20 with the decision to align by the US National team, despite the fact there’s still a window of opportunity for Italy to steal him. Whatever National squad he chooses, however, will not be displeased. He already has Fiorentina on his trail, and there’s a heavy likelihood that Fiori is not the only team scouting him hard.

He’s a deep lying midfielder, full of technique and also strength, remind, at times, Renato Sanches, when he appeared at 18 years old.






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