A fit body is an important factor in a person’s confidence in modern life. Even having a diet full of all the food essentials is difficult as work stress and pressure often make it difficult. For which, people use work out and healthy activities to build themselves. Yet, some experts recommend protein powders as shakes for the necessary intake of proteins. It supplies your body with a healthy boost to reach its aim. One such powder on the rise is Whey Protein Powder, and this article will enlighten you about it:

What is Whey Protein Powder? 

Whey is the 20% part of milk, which is the liquid constituent of it. It can be seen as any water floating above milk products like yoghurt is Whey. It is mainly formed as a byproduct of cheese due to the coagulation of fat in milk. This used to be discarded until recently when Whey’s value as rich in protein was discovered. After its separation during cheese-making, Whey is processed a lot to finally achieve its Whey Protein Powder form.

This is then consumed in different forms such as shakes, protein bars, and meal substitutes. Whey isn’t good in taste on its own, which is why there are different flavours available. It can ease its intake in the form of smoothies. Whey protein must be taken right after or before workout with doses based on professional advice or box instructions. One should always avoid Whey with refined sugar as it limits its full potential. Lactose intolerant people may also need to avoid Whey due to their condition.

Types of Whey Protein

Usually, three types of whey proteins are available in the market, distinguished based on how they were processed. They are:

  • Concentrated Whey

Concentrated Whey contains almost 70-80% of protein and includes lactose (milk sugar) and fat. This also has the best taste of them all. This is the most popular of them all as it is the cheapest with a tolerable taste than others. However, lactose in this can be troubling for some.

  • Isolated Whey

Isolated Whey can have up to 90% of protein and has less fat and lactose than concentrated Whey, which is a slight disadvantage in daily routine. This type of Whey is recommended if you can’t tolerate the lactose in concentrated whey.

  • Hydrolysed Whey

Hydrolysed Whey is specially processed to get absorbed faster than other whey powders. It is pre-digested, leading to a greater spike of 28-43% than of isolated whey. Due to its almost complete lack of fat, this Whey is best for the quickest results. However, the intake should still be in control.

Advantages of Whey 

Whey is among the best-known and most advantageous proteins among athletes for the maintenance of weight and strength. Here are its advantages:

  • Muscle Growth: Whey includes milk amino fatty acids, making it a major catalyst for muscle mass and its growth.
  • Hormones: Whey is known to raise the level of anabolic hormones, like insulin, to boost your body’s muscle growth.
  • Fast Absorption: Your body reacts easily to whey protein and hence, is absorbed at a faster rate than other proteins.
  • Weight Loss: Whey protein helps you in weight loss by improving satiety, as it is likely that a person’s diet decreases when protein is consumed. This is because your main calories are in the form of protein, and protein is one of the most satiating macronutrients.


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