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From Seed to Bottle: Nesa’s Commitment to Quality in Herbal Production

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the production of pure CBD oil, according to Inesa Ponomariovaite, a holistic health practitioner and expert on hemp and CBD. In fact, the more she learned about modern hemp cultivation and manufacturing, the more she realized that competing products did not measure up to her expectations.

Ponomariovaite launched Nesas Hemp to develop a hemp oil product that was chemical-, solvent-, and metal-free from start to finish. Her extensive research and experimentation yielded an item called “Living Hemp.” She employs every part of the plant, keeping it alive and healthy throughout the entire process. By using this groundbreaking method, she is able to provide the best CBD oil on the market.

Nesas Hemp’s commitment to quality springs from a labor of love

The passion behind Nesas Hemp’s dedication to excellence is clear in every product, but Ponomariovaite didn’t intentionally set out to start a multinational organic hemp enterprise. When her mother called long distance from Lithuania to inform her about a devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer, Ponomariovaite channeled raw emotion into action and dove headfirst into research.

Ponomariovaite’s investigation into alternative cancer therapies led her to the miraculous curative properties of the hemp plant and the booming CBD industry. As a practitioner of holistic medicine, she had no doubt about the therapeutic value of CBD oil and organic hemp oil, but she was skeptical of modern production methods.

Ponomariovaite was adamant about getting her mother access to medical-grade hemp. “After painstaking research, I visited factories and farms in person. When I realized there were no laws in place to make producers and manufacturers responsible for their actions, I made it my job to protect my mother and other consumers like her.”

Not a single product on the market met Ponomariovaite’s demands by being 100% organic, natural, and risk-free. Time and time again, she saw producers recklessly sourcing materials to speed up manufacturing. She also noticed that in their haste to get items to market, they stripped the hemp plant of many of its beneficial properties.

Ponomariovaite became disillusioned with contemporary methods and began to long for the past. “Historically, people respected the power of these wondrous plants, but today, people care more about the bottom line than healing. When we bypassed ancient wisdom and sped up the process with technology, we gave up thriving, natural plants for less healthy specimens grown in labs.”

To uncover the lost art of growing and harvesting hemp, Ponomariovaite tracked down and translated primary sources. She interviewed specialists all over the world, sought advice from doctors, and pored over research studies. Finally, after years of studying both modern and ancient hemp cultivation, she is a recognized expert in the field.

Ponomariovaite’s years of research left her with two goals. First and foremost, she wanted to help her mother. Next, she hoped to reestablish trust in the cannabis industry.

Ponomariovaite achieved both of these goals by creating an exceptional product worthy of the hemp plant’s restorative potential. From the hemp seed to the finished bottle of pure CBD oil, she envisioned an all-natural procedure. During the extraction process, she refused to take shortcuts that removed any of the hemp plant’s healing components or made use of synthetic compounds or harmful metals. Because she would not settle for anything less than the best, she created the world’s first brand of full-spectrum CBD oil.

The importance of starting with 100% organic hemp plants

Ponomariovaite is convinced that for hemp plants to heal, they must be healthy and thriving. “Our attention to detail throughout cultivation yields plants at the peak of health,” she observes. “To ensure that each plant achieves its full potential, we routinely analyze our soil, water, seeds, and organic fertilizers. This enables us to start with plants ready to provide nature’s most potent therapeutic benefits.”

Clinical research is proving that, in its purest form, the hemp plant can heal not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. The calming effect of pure CBD for anxiety allows people to live a life with less anxiety and mitigate stress. It enables people to establish healthy sleep patterns and achieve a better night’s sleep. It rejuvenates skin, nails, and hair, giving them a healthy glow. Furthermore, CBD oil for pain relief acts as a natural remedy for musculoskeletal issues, reducing joint discomfort, inflammation, and osteoarthritis.

To obtain these life-altering effects, people must have access to the highest-quality hemp oil. This requires healthy plants and an unparalleled production process.

Ponomariovaite provides the cleanest and purest CBD oil available. “From planting the seed to bottling the finished product, we give this exquisite plant our undivided attention,” she concludes. “No one else in the world grows hemp organically and takes time to extract its precious oil in the way we do. Harvesting healthy organic hemp plants is simply step one. Our groundbreaking cold extraction technology retains the molecular structure of each hemp plant, ensuring that all of its CBDa, fatty acids, and vitamins are present in the final product.”