New buildings in Georgia: is it profitable to buy

Experienced investors know that the investment attractiveness of real estate is given only one factor – its location (Marriot, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Ibis, Sheraton) . Houses and apartments in resort places will always be in demand, and therefore, will become a source of permanent income. Georgia has established itself as a popular tourist destination. Millions of tourists come here every year. The famous hotel brands come to the market – they open large network hotels here (It means they see potential in the country). You can see how fast the country is developing. But the most attractive thing is affordable real estate prices.

New construction in Georgia: beneficial or not

A two-room apartment in a new building in Tbilisi can be bought for $60,000, a three-room apartment for $100,000. Apartments in Batumi by the sea cost from $50,000. At the same time, they will yield an income of about 18% and will pay off in 5-7 years (the global average yield – 4-10% per year). To make it easier to understand, you can compare: in Moscow for $50,000 you can buy 15 square meters. m (resale, first floor, South Butovo), and in Sochi – 20 square meters, in a new building, two kilometers from the shore. Details about prices, conditions and news of Georgia can be read on the website Sea Inside – here is all the main news about real estate in Georgia.

What to choose: a new building or an old housing stock?

New buildings in Georgia is it profitable to buy1

This question is asked by every potential buyer. The answer to this depends on the purpose of the purchase. For life will fit both options – in this case it is worth focusing on other criteria (cost, location, condition, etc.). For investments (renting monthly or daily) it is better to choose a new building – it will be more presentable, more liquid and serve longer. Of course, the quality of construction plays a big role, but in recent years almost all real estate in Georgia is built to Euro Standards. The laws impose quite strict requirements on developers.

Outcome: Entering the foreign market is one way to keep your savings from depreciation. Gеorgia is a leader in the region in this regard. Buying real estate in Tbilisi or Batumi is considered a profitable investment. Sea or winter resorts and the capital deserve special attention.

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