Nowadays smartphones are extremely widespread even in the youngest section of the population.

The reason is very simple: parents can better control their children and not worry when they are away from home.

However, children must use their smartphones under parental supervision.

We will talk today about Snoopza, a service that allows you to track your children’s smartphone so you can locate them, record calls, see text messages, camera activity, internet browsing, and much more.

Do modern children need control?

In recent years there has been a heated debate about what is the right time to allow their children to own and use a smartphone.

More and more families are tending to buy a smartphone from their children for numerous reasons, first of all, to allow the little ones to have immediate help in case of need.

However, it is not recommended for children to use all the functions offered by modern smartphones without parental control.

To this end, many apps have been developed to secretly locate free mobile online, among which the best is without a doubt Snoopza.

Sure, using such a powerful app might seem very invasive but more and more parents are using it to safeguard the safety of their children, especially when they are still children.

That’s why Snoopza, a phone spy software that works as a real Parental Control is the ideal solution to solve the problem.

Ways to control children

Snoopza is one of the most used methods by parents to control children and safeguard their safety online and offline.

The functions that this service offers to allow you to control your children are numerous:

Track incoming and outgoing calls:

Snoopza will save both dates and times in addition to the conversation, both inbound and outbound.

Track SMS and MMS:

This app allows you to perform a full backup of SMS and MMS online to allow the parent to read them at any time.

Check Facebook:

Snoopza can keep track of all your child’s activities on Facebook.

Check all other apps:

Snoopza allows parents to have complete control of apps used by their children including WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat.

Screen capture feature:

In any case, it is possible for parents, at any time, to take a screenshot of their child’s phone screen to always know what is happening on their smartphone.

Real-time location:

With Snoopza you can be taking advantage of GPS, Wi-Fi, or GSM connectivity, know at all times where your children are.

Why do most parents trust Snoopza’s control?

Although Snoopza is an app, as mentioned, considered by some to be quite invasive, there are many parents today who have decided to rely on this solution to definitively resolve their anxieties about the dangers that their children can face.

Thanks to this app it is possible to immediately know if a child is contacted via social, phone, or other apps by attackers and intervenes before the problem even becomes serious.

This will prevent much worse problems.

Children need supervision to properly interface with a world such as social media that is extremely varied both for content and for the types of people who populate them.

Besides, thanks to Snoopza, you can know at any time the location where your children are, an optimal solution to prevent them from getting lost or disobeying.

Features of the free application

The basic version of Snoopza is completely free and offers several very interesting features that allow you to set up a first basic check on children’s smartphones.

In particular, by downloading and installing the basic version you will have access to:

  • Call tracking.
  • SMS management.
  • Tracking internet history.
  • Geolocation function.

Need Snoopza’s paid features?

If you need tighter control over the activity of your children it is strongly advisable to subscribe to a Standard plan to Snoopza that offers all the functions of the basic plan plus:

  • Call recording.
  • Viber Spy function.
  • Facebook Spy feature.
  • WhatsApp spy function.
  • Snapchat spy function.
  • Capture screen.
  • Address book control.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Tracking the to-do list.
  • Camera tracking.
  • Identification of sim card change.

Legal issues with spyware installation

Spy software such as Snoopza is increasingly widespread but their use has always been the focus of doubts on the part of users under the legal plan.

The safe use of these applications is certainly to use them on their users or for the protection of their assets or affections (as in the case of underage children).

Certainly, it is advisable, to act in perfect compliance with privacy rules, to inform your children of the installation of this spy software on your smartphone, to have consented to their use.

Price policy

Plan Basic Plan Standard
1 month Free 14.95€
1 year Free 99.95€

As we said Snoopza is available on two floors:

Basic (completely free) and Standard (For a fee).

If the basic plan offers the main functions of the app without having to pay anything, the “Standard” plan instead offers the possibility to take advantage of Snoopza in all its power and costs 14.95€ per month.

By subscribing to an annual subscription the price is 99.95€.

Snoopza accepts all major, safest payment systems: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, JCB, Maestro.


In conclusion, despite the debate about using this software and the possibility of invading the privacy of others, we feel we recommend Snoopza to all parents who need to control their children’s activities to safeguard their safety, informing them about your decision to control them through Snoopza.

At the same time, we strongly discourage the use of this app to spy on unreadable people, reminding you that in this case, serious risks are taking place with the law for knowingly infringing the privacy of the controlled person.


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