Nuggets in cornflakes – the best way to get a crispy coating for chicken!

It is difficult to find a more famous and loved dish in the world than crispy, but juicy inside pieces of chicken breast, deep-fried in oil. Popularized by American restaurant chains like KFC and McDonalds, cornflake breaded chicken is found in almost every restaurant, especially as a core item on the Kids Menu. It’s a sure thing, which can be ordered if the rest of the items on the menu don’t particularly convince us or we’re afraid to take a risk. However, are nuggets in cornflakes really fried in them? Or maybe the coating only looks like them in taste and texture? How to get such an effect?

Nuggets vs strips – what’s the difference?

Crispy coating for chicken is quite easy to prepare. However, before we move on to the description of the recipe, it is worth answering the question – whether these are to be strips or nuggets. What are the differences? Both are chicken breasts, cut into pieces. In the case of strips these are rather like strips, and in the case of nuggets they are usually smaller bites. In fast food restaurants, nuggets are often made from ground meat, which probably includes giblets. At home, we can make a better quality nugget and use chicken breast pieces.

Crispy coating for chicken – how to prepare it?

The coating for chicken breasts should be crispy, golden and appetizingly frayed. This effect can be achieved in many ways. One of them is to coat the meat in crumbled corn flakes (it is worth mixing them with breadcrumbs). The pieces should be seasoned or marinated beforehand (depending on your taste preferences) and then coated in a mixture of milk and egg. Another way is to coat the marinated meat in flour and buttermilk. If the proportions are right and the frying process goes smoothly, the nuggets will be crispy and golden. Although there is a risk that the chicken coating mix will become more of a pastry. The frying temperature is thus crucial.

How to fry cornflake nuggets?

The frying of the nuggets is done in deep oil. It must be very hot, preferably to a temperature slightly above 200 degrees Celcius. Keep in mind that when you put cold meat into hot oil, the temperature will drop a bit. Frying itself should take literally a few minutes – from 3 to 5 minutes. This can be done in a deep fryer or a deep pot. We recommend using canola oil.

How to serve fried cornflake nuggets?

The best accompanied by tasty sauces and fries, the healthiest accompanied by vegetables. There are many ways to serve nuggets. Chicken breaded in cornflakes goes well with virtually any side dish. It is also excellent as the content of sandwiches. Burger, pizza, tortilla with chicken, salad with chicken… nuggets are great as a meat complement. They also taste super with the addition of pulled cheddar or mozzarella. And if you want your kids to eat more than just candy at a kid’s party, be sure to serve them nuggets! Kids love them!


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