Obesity is becoming a major concern in today’s world

Obesity is becoming a solid ground for concern among the health experts all over the world. It is leading to several diseases like diabetes, heart attack and many more. In the figures published by WHO it has been observed that the number of obese people has tripled in the world since 1975. In the year 2016, it has been found that approximately two billion people in the world suffered from obesity related diseases. One of the major reasons for obesity is people spend most of their time in sitting position and also their lifestyle habit.

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Coming back to obesity, it has been observed that around 38 million children who are below the age of 5 are overweight in different countries of the world. In many countries, it has been found that more people die from overweight rather than underweight. Actually, overweight is defined as the excessive fat which is accumulated in the body. Obesity is measured by Body Mass Index which is described by weight of the person in kilometers divided by square of his height in meters. World Health Organization or WHO has defined overweight and obesity as follows –

When BMI is equal to or greater than 25, it is called overweight and when that mark exceeds 30, it is termed as obesity. It cannot be defined as a standard guide as these figures may change from age wise. The figure is something for one age and totally different for the other.

Causes of overweight and obesity

The main reason for obesity is the imbalance in energy between the calories spent and the calories taken in. It has been observed that across the global level, there has been an increase in the intake of junk foods which are high in energy. These foods are also very high in sugar and fat. Another major reason is the increase in the physical inactivity of most people due to getting habituated with sedentary lifestyle, which is a major cause of urbanization. This change in diet and physical activity is one of the major reasons for social and environmental changes.

Health consequences of obesity

It may lead to heart and cardiovascular diseases which mainly include stroke and heart disease. In fact, it was found that during the year 2012, it was the main cause of death among the global population. Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes, the silent killer disease which is killing thousands of people across the globe every year. Once you become obese, the entire body weight is taken by the knee and it leads to various musculoskeletal disorders, which includes osteoarthritis. It is a disease where the joints get degenerated over a period of time. In some rare cases, it has also been observed that obesity is the cause of few types of cancers which include breast, endometrial, prostate, gallbladder, liver, colon and kidney. It has also been observed that with the increase in BMI, the chance of occurrence of the above-mentioned diseases to a great extent.

The more dangerous is the occurrence of childhood obesity, the chances of disability and premature death increases to a great extent. In many cases, it has been observed that children, who are obese during childhood, may face difficulty in breathing, hypertension, an increased risk of fractures, resistant to insulin and many other psychological effects. In fact, obesity is one of the main reasons, due to which psychological effect is increasing among the children to a great extent. It is very much important to take care of the disease from an early stage.

How overweight and obesity can be reduced?

It is a positive thing to know that the factors of obesity and overweight can be reduced to a great extent. The main factor for reducing obesity is creating a supportive environment as intake of junk foods and high-calorie intake is mostly influenced by the surrounding environment. The supportive environment plays a very important role in case of young children, who are greatly influenced by what the friends are taking in his surroundings. By visitng this site you can know where to buy saxenda online.

  • At the individual level, people can solve the problem by taking initiatives at the personal level by
  • Taking limited energy from sugars and fats
  • Increase in in-take of vegetables and fruits, whole nuts and grains
  • Regular physical activity is very much necessary on every day. For young people it should be 60 minutes a day and for the adults, it should be 150 minutes spread equally through the entire week. This will help to decrease diabetes to a great extent.


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