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In this digital era where cybercrime can sometimes prove to be more lethal than regular traditional crimes, handing documents online to anyone or any portal isn’t exactly a good idea. Identification documents can be misused to do any illegal work. The Internet connection can be bought at those documents. Dozens of illegal works can be carried out with them. In times like these sending personal documents to online casinos is not very safe. It is not that every casino has ill intentions but who knows who does have.

It is especially needed to be alert if the transaction involves money. In these cases chances of fraud increases anyway since money is involved. So it is better to have a casino that does not require any paper trail or exchange of any document online. The casinos which involve document less work predominantly operate upon cryptocurrency as an exchange method. Cryptocurrencies are used here to avoid any need for identification as transactions here are highly secure and completely anonymous. Also, transactions here are easy to process and fast. In this growing world of digital media, online casinos without any documents have made their way into the market by the means of cryptocurrency as a side partner.

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Advantages of no document casinos:

1) Security: With no document in use, users are relieved at a certain level. Since no documents are required so there is a certain sense of security as there cannot be an event of misuse of documents of the user. Documents of the user can never be used in any insidious ways.

2) Anonymity: Since no identification, the proof is in place so the information of users is completely safe. This helps protect the personal information and details of the players on the casino portal. In event of an unexpected security breach on the database of the casino, the players are not vulnerable at all. Since their database is not available with casinos.

3) Fast transactions: Casinos with no document or id involvement are the ones that usually employ cryptocurrency as a medium of transaction. Cryptocurrencies have a knack for fast processing. They are completely anonymous since they are based on blockchain technology. Transactions are directly made from wallets and are instantaneous. These wallets can be based on an online and offline base as well. Offline wallets are a bit more secure than online transactions.

4) Hassle-free: Since there is no need to involve documents so the whole process becomes a lot faster. Users no longer need to scan different types of documents to send them to different casinos for registration or verification reasons. Neither is risking of lending id proofs to the casinos is required anymore.

Looking back we realize that half of the fraudulent accidents can be ditched by avoiding leaking of documents at not many trusted places. Online casinos which do not require any document or id proofs should be preferred, as there are other advantages associated with those casinos too which we just saw briefly.


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