Online Class App: All That You Need To Know

The highly sophisticated digital era and the present age of pandemic have made online teaching receive surging popularity. The traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting has now been replaced by online teaching.

Thanks to the advent of virtual teaching, software developers have come up with an app for teaching online. Education in the present day is dependent upon how smooth the UI of an online class app is!

From sharing screens to display presentations or question papers at the time of a test to using a live board in the app to explain the concepts, an online teaching app has now become the need of the hour.

Online teaching has also encouraged software developers to launch the best quality app infused with excellent features, keeping in accordance with the latest technological trends. Thus, an app for online teaching automatically leads to the provision of high-quality education to the students.

Let’s have a more profound and clearer look at what an online teaching app actually is!

What Is An Online Class App?

To speak in literal terms, an online teaching or class app may run on various devices having Android/Windows/Mac as the Operating System. By using an online teaching app, educators all over the world are moving ahead with their profession of teaching and shaping the lives of young students located in different parts of the world.

Online apps for teaching offer the facilities of various online courses that involve real-time interaction and the added facility of live practice sessions. An ideal online teaching app has a good tutoring base that will allow the enrollment of new students, registration for any special courses, and payment of fees.

Once the teacher creates the classroom virtually via the app, the teaching and learning process commences. Class notes and study materials are also shared with the students via the online teaching app.

Some online class apps also offer the facility of live recording of the classes. This feature is incredibly beneficial as the teachers can keep a record of the things taught to the students. Besides, if the students face any kind of problem in understanding the concept or if they remain absent in the class for some reason, the teacher can easily share the class recording with them.

The benefits of an online class app are great, you see?

Features Of A Good App For Teaching Online

Now that we know what exactly are online teaching apps, let’s have a look at the features that an ideal app must possess.

Facility of Embedded Content

Often, to explain any concept clearly and in greater detail, a teacher has to stream videos from YouTube or any other related platform. An excellent online teaching app must have the feature of embedded content so that both content streaming and uploading of e-learning lessons can be done correctly.

Live Messaging

Since online teaching is based upon proper interaction, an online teaching app needs to have the feature of real-time chatting or messaging. If the students face any doubt, they can immediately type out the problem in the message box and get their doubts clarified during the class intervals.

Often, the microphone of the students stops working or acts up due to some underlying glitches. Even in such cases, the chat box comes to a great rescue for the students as they can get their queries addressed instantly.

Lesson Organization

If an online teaching app offers the educators the facility of clustering the lessons or academic contents chapterwise, the teaching-learning process will be facilitated. In this way, the teacher will be well-informed of the topics that have been already taught and can share the study materials of those portions by allocating each chapter to separate folders.

Compatible With Various File Formats

A good teaching application must support files of varying formats. It should support mp4 for videos, mp3 for audio files, .docx, or .pdf for the notes and study materials, that is, every kind of format to support a wide variety of content. A teacher might need to upload a blog post, a YouTube video, a document, an image, or anything to impart knowledge to the students.

So, an online class app needs to support a large variety of file formats.

Final Words

That was all about an Online Class App!

Now that you have got a clear idea of an app for teaching online make the right choice while selecting the virtual classroom app.

Ensure if the required features that make for a perfect teaching app are present in the one you are considering buying.

Be careful in your choice and have a smooth workflow.


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