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Overview of White Label Local SEO Services


Life and business have become virtual and the only source of survival is SEO. Just like the human body needs oxygen to stay alive, similarly, the business in a virtual world needs SEO to stay alive.

SEO is indispensable and in the current situation, every business that aims to have a digital presence needs SEO services. When we say SEO services, it comprises various tools and techniques aimed at pushing content by which the brand’s digital visibility is enhanced.

But where do find them and how to find them would be your questions. That’s where white label local SEO services come to your rescue.


Hiring white label local SEO services means associating with independent SEO agencies that offer all the SEO services under one roof. These agencies provide these services to your clients under your brand name.


Call it third party or partnership or collaboration, the fact remains that dealing with white label local SEO services means external support. So, what makes this association unique and beneficial?

  1. Association type: The association with a white label SEO agency can be either retainer or contractual basis. In the Retainer model, the agreement is to pay a fixed amount to the SEO agency and the agency is to cater to all the SEO needs of all clients that come in. Whereas, when it comes to a contractual basis, the agreement of the commercials differs from project to project. Based on the kind of clients you wish to cater, the association type is decided.
  2. Services provided: You may wonder why choose one white label SEO agency when the market has many individual agencies providing independent SEO services. However, the reason is, white label local SEO agencies have all the SEO services under one roof. Thus, associating with them means, getting access to all the possible SEO services in one place. It’s like one stop destination for SEO services.
  3. Working style: The working style when associating with an SEO reseller can be defined as the backend process. In other words, in this collaboration, the SEO agency works in the backend as you continue to be the face of the services. The agency takes complete charge and responsibility of offering effective SEO services but that is done under your business name. Thus, for the client, you continue to be the agency offering SEO services, whereas internally, it is the SEO agency to whom the works are outsourced.
  4. Impact on the business: Associating with a white label local SEO agency has multiple effects on the business. The first being the addition in business offerings. In other words, your business has SEO services as an add on. Secondly, it helps build a better market presence and credibility. As you are sure of the agency you have collaborated with, you can go head-on pitching SEO services in the market. As this adds to the business, it results in increasing revenues.
  5. Overall verdict: Associating with a white label local SEO agency is a great business opportunity. It is a great way to add new business offerings with the very lowest investment.

With such salient features, it is loud and clear that associating with a white label local SEO agency is definitely a great way of providing SEO services to clients.

Points to Ponder

However, as much as it sounds lucrative to associate with a local SEO agency, it is equally important to know certain points that would ensure a smooth association:

  1. Be very particular of which SEO agency you are choosing. Ensure that the agency is good at what it does and maintains complete transparency.
  2. Be very clear of your work agreement and client expectations. Ensure that you build a sense of trust with the SEO agency.
  3. Once you collaborate with a local SEO agency, double your marketing strategy and increase the number of client pitches. Only when you start having more clients, you will feel the association worthy.
  4. Though the SEO activities are outsourced, it is suggested that you also have a fair idea of the SEO activities. This is essential to know that you are not being fooled.
  5. Lastly, remember that association with a white label local SEO is a partnership. Therefore, always maintain a healthy work environment and work together.


Over the years, businesses have realized the importance of white label local SEO agencies. Though many businesses tried doing SEO on their own, they soon realized that it’s not that easy. Businesses have understood that it calls for expertise and the support of qualified people which only a standalone agency would have. Therefore, a lot of SEO agencies have forayed into the virtual space offering all services. Any business looking for white label local SEO agency could simply do a google search and find the best suitable.


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