So, you want a brand new car? But in this falling and failing economy, that might not just be the wisest decision you make today. The reason we say this is simple: in a world where the prices of commodities are rising steadily, you don’t want to buy anythingan object whose value depreciates almost immediately. 

Instead, it is advisable to purchase a used car. Yes, a used car. While the general perception behind used cars is bad, we are here to tell you to quell those notions. The used car market in its current state might just even be better than the new market. The reason why is simple, people are selling cars of all conditions, and this gives the market a lot of flexibility to price cars. A great example would be a Ford pre-owned car in Dubai. Historically, Ford cars are reliable and cheap. So a used Ford would be cheaper and in places like the UAE, their prices are an absolute steal. But why is that the case? Are there any caveats to owning a Ford in the UAE? We will answer that and more in this blog. 

The benefits of choosing a Ford pre-owned car in Dubai? 

It is actually simple, Ford cars are good. Period. They have the highest standards in manufacturing, come feature-rich, and cost a fraction of the price of any other car in the same category. When you look for a used car, your checklist should factor in affordability, maintenance costs, and overall quality. 

If you want something that is budget-friendly and can cover a holistic checklist, look no further than a pre-owned FordFord pre-owned car in Dubai. The city is riddled with cars of all kinds and you will find that Fords are cheaper than most options. 

Not only that, you will also be able to get a car that has luxury features without the price. Perhaps, that is not something you factored in. Luxury used cars, while very lucrative, can be a bit of a problem to own. Owning a high-quality Ford car solves that problem.

How do you maintain a luxury car?

So, the biggest question remains, how do you maintain a luxury car. Quite simple really, you pay for it. You pay for it a lot! 

Yes, luxury cars are not cheap by any means. They may be picked up at a discount but unless you know the value of maintaining one, you will end up spending way more than what you expect. 

But how does a used Ford Dubai tie into this equation? Ford cars come with a great set of features that other cars simply cannot include at that price point. Not to mention, the price point of a Ford and its parts, along with the widespread availability of servicing helps make the price of maintaining one far cheaper than a used luxury car. 

Are luxury cars harder to maintain?

In a single word, yes. Used luxury cars such as Range Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes Benz cars are slightly more expensive to maintain. You also have to factor in the fact that these cars are made abroad and their parts and servicing are far different from other passenger cars. 

Do luxury cars require more maintenance? Yes and no. You will want to keep them cleaner and in better shape than you would for a normal car. After all, they are luxury cars and their inherent value lies in how well you maintain them. At the same time, if you happen to take good care of your car, you will not spend as much as you think.

As for cars from places like Ford in Dubai, you have a multitude of options. SUVs to hatchbacks, there is something for everyone, all you need to do is come take a look. 

Where can you get the best used Ford UAE? 

So, where can you get the best Ford in the UAE? Used car markets certainly have the range of vehicles that you want. From older models to the latest ones, there is a car for everyone. Keep in mind that you do not want to buy a car that has been discontinued early or did not have good sales when it launched. The reason is that maintenance for such cars becomes a hassle. 

For the best Ford in the UAE, you can also check in with the car dealers themselves. They will most certainly have a pre-owned option. The models will be newer, and you will get better insurance and service, but the cost will also be a lot steeper. It is the dealer’s choice. Whatever you want, you will get.  

What happens if you are in Dubai? Where can you buy a used Ford Dubai? 

If you happen to be in the city of Dubai, there is no better place than Sun City Motors for used cars. A wide array of cars and a great insurance package are just the starters you get when you purchase a used car from Sun City Motors in Dubai. 

Sun City Motors offers a great range of used Ford in Dubai and you can rest assured you will be able to get the best deals on a Ford pre-owned car in Dubai. Not only that, but you will also get the best after-sales service and our professionals can even help you find the right car. To learn more, follow Sun City Motors, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! 


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