Path of Exile 2 will Delete 70% of the Old League Content

Grinding Gear Games upcoming HACK and SLAYS RPG Path of Exile 2 was made public for the first time in November 2019. Although the game has not yet been officially released, the developer’s game trailer should arouse players’ interest. Path of Exile 2 shares space with the current Path of Exile because both adventures will bring the same endgame experience. However, Path of Exile 2 features new weapons and new weapons and related abilities, launching new campaigns, which can only be used when you play this experience. If you plan to play the original Path of Exile campaign, the shared endgame experience provides special equipment that can only be obtained in the Path of Exile 2 campaign. All current characters and purchased microtransactions are compatible with Path of Exile 2. POE 2 has weapons with its unique abilities.

The new cross weapon has the inherent skills of the weapon. Therefore, you must have the kind of ow related to the special skills to get the benefits. With the help of new weapons and skills, even in the early stages of the game, the battle is designed to have a higher response speed. The new campaign in POE 2 contains seven brand-new characters. The mini-BOSS in each area is designed to be more attractive than some boss encounters in Path of Exile, and these bosses maybe just a more Big skill monster.

A new storyline will be introduced, which consists of seven parts. Both the original storyline and the new storyline will produce the same Atlas endgame content.

The latest trailer shows more action-packed gameplay in the game, showing various environments that players can explore. In the live broadcast of the new trailer, Grinding Gear Games introduced the trailer’s content.

A new skill gem system, superior levels, and improvements to the game engine will be introduced, while all the expansions added by Path of Exile since its release in 2013 will be retained.

The skill system has also been completely redesigned, transferring the gem slots to active skill gems. These skill gems can have a varying number of slots, up to six, and items have a fixed number of main slots based on their item types. These changes are designed to preserve the depth of the previous game skill system.

The advanced system of weapons and equipment in the game has been completely redone, including new character models and animations. However, microtransactions that have been purchased (such as decorations and in-game content) will still be available. There are also plans to change the game’s passive skill tree and other core game systems.

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Path of Exile 2 latest news, 70% of the old season content will be deleted

Path of Exile 4.0 will almost delete 70% of the existing content, and newcomers finally don’t have to worry about too much content to understand!

The first thing to delete is naturally the connection Orbs because the equipment no longer needs 6L.

Besides, the teleport scroll, sextant, Planners coins, and all quality Poe Currency will all be deleted.

These currencies were useless at the beginning of the addition and have always been useless things.

Most of the existing old season content will also be deleted, such as the deletion of the center of the earth, manor, traversal, decryption, treasure hunting system, and so on.

These contents will become an affix on the map, appearing in the form of a group of monsters, dropping seasonal dark gold and directional Orbs.

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Finally, I don’t have to worry about what to play. Road of Exile has too much content today. It has almost a dozen seasons of content. For newcomers, they don’t know what to play, and the income is often very embarrassing.

At the same time, the map will also delete the reflection affix. The Val gem will make the map affix *2, up to 16 affixes. It must be a long, long time for a map in the future. It is impossible to complete it in a few minutes or even tens of seconds. 

Various debris warehouses are changed to directional seed warehouses. Directional Orbss need to be combined with currency to be used. At the same time, directional Orbs crafting stations are added.

In general, Path of Exile 2 is a brand new game, no longer need to be dragged down by various seasons.

The benefits of this are also prominent. The newcomers don’t need to re-examine at least one senior season. With the injection of fresh blood, Path of Exile 2 must be able to shine again.


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