Path of Exile Patch 3.15.2 Improvements

Path of Exile Patch 3.15.2 is here, fixing many of the league’s problems.

Path of Exile: Expedition isn’t exactly off to a stellar start. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games has launched Patch 3.15.2 in an attempt to address the many issues that left a lot of players dissatisfied. Here’s a lowdown of the many changes it brought about, and whether it would be enough to finally satisfy the players, especially those farming for POE Currency. 

On Crafting and Lockers 

Let’s not beat around the bush and get on with the improvements. One of the biggest of them would be the inclusion of level 86 gear in the Expedition vendors. This means players that have the money can choose not to participate in player-to-player POE Trade, which can get tricky. Instead, they can just get the items they need in a simple yet easy way. 

Rog the dealer, an NPC whose purpose is crafting, is also receiving some much-needed tweaks. After the patch, he will be able to remove modifiers with the lowest level. This is a helpful addition, as this eliminates the need for specific orbs when removing a currency and replacing it with a better one using an Exalted Orb.  

Aside from that, he’ll also be able to corrupt items, and doing so has a high chance of giving it some corruption-related implicit modifiers. He will also be able to apply 10-20% Quality to items that still don’t have them, and the price of his service of applying random Incubators, Anointments, and Quality types has been slashed. 

Of Monsters and Systems 

It’s not only item trading and crafting that got improved, but also the fairness in fighting monsters. Those that have the Hexfont Nemesis will no longer be able to apply silence. Also, curses from monsters now have a global cooldown. That means if there is more than one of the same kind of monster in an area, the curse of all those monsters will cool down if one of them has already cursed the player. 

Last but definitely not least would be the bug fixes, which means the following bugs are no longer in the game: 

  • Two instance and client crashes
  • Implicit attribute modifiers preventing explicit attribute modifiers to be rolled onto certain base types
  • The system telling the players failed to store items in Expedition or Heist lockers that use affinities even though it actually succeeded. 

There are many other improvements and bug fixes in the official patch notes. If you want to know more of them, you should check them out. 

Ill-Fated Expedition 

Hopefully, these fixes would slightly improve the players’ outlook on Path of Exile: Expedition. This is because for a lot of them, Expedition hasn’t been as fun as previous Leagues like Ultimatum and Ritual. Some players have even said that out of the many expansions and leagues Path of Exile has had through the years, this has been the most boring, and that it’s gameplay is just not fan. 

And it’s not just the ordinary players that have been making complaints; prominent gamers have also been too. Pro player Doublelift1, despite being a League of Legends player, also dabbles in Path of Exile leagues (pun intended). Unfortunately, he hasn’t been too impressed with it. It also doesn’t help that he said that he read the League subs, and it’s the first time a community that negative about a developer. Influencer gamers definitely influence the opinion of other gamers as well as the decision of Grinding Gear Games, so hopefully, they take Doublelift’s criticisms and improve Expedition. 

The Promise of Fortune 

It’s actually quite the shame, as Expedition seems like a good expansion on paper. It expanded on the lore and has given the game some central Asian-European vibes, and the players the opportunity to unearth ancient ruins and encounter powerful Undead in the process. It’s also how the game rewards players. 

Content aside, the expansion also introduced a new kind of defensive trait: Ward. This takes all the damage first before it is absorbed by the Energy Shield and then further reduced by armor. In fact, when done right, it can prove to be a very helpful addition to the game, especially for tanks. 

Finally, 19 new gems were introduced to the game. In fact, this is perhaps the most number of gems added to the game in a single instance. These gems are divided into seven groups, with each one representing a particular class, and each gem representing an Ascendancy. 

Path of Exile leagues aren’t created equal. Nevertheless, Expedition should still be improved in so many ways. Thankfully, GGG has taken the first steps. But because of the state of the league, they should take more. 


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