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Perfectly Matching Décor to Your Living Room Set

Matching is tricky because it often doesn’t involve precise matching as much as it does identify shared or complementary elements. One of the simplest ways to match a room’s décor to fit your furniture is through color. While a single-color room can be quite striking and effective, this certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But color matching generally involves much more than selecting a single color.

In fact, it often makes sense to balance a furniture set using neutrals. Essentially, a colorful living room set can serve as an attention-drawing, bright focal point for a room. Rather than competing with the set, it may make more sense to opt for neutral tones throughout the remaining room design. In addition to the neutrals, you might consider adding smaller splashes of an accent color. Usually, successful accent colors are not directly complementary (or opposite) colors. For example, while blue and red are complementary, a blue and red room sets a certain juvenile tone.

Pure primary colors tend to have this effect in general, so leaning into tones and patterns can be a great way to make the most of complementary color pairs. https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/living/living-room-furniture/living-room-sets…living room set options online range from solid color and single fabrics to more elaborate designs, so there is generally plenty of choices no matter your personal color preferences.

As with color variations, playing with texture is another great way to match your room with your furniture set. A great way to think about your overall room design is to remember that you need your room to be comfortable and functional in all seasons. Just because you happen to be redesigning your living area when there’s snow outside doesn’t mean every surface should be soft and warm. Just think about how much you’ll appreciate that during the sweltering summer months. As with the other design elements, good balance is key.

Maintaining a constant style is its own form of balance, though since style is more of a combination of elements, this can be trickier to pin down. It’s often helpful to do a quick search of the specific style you want to achieve to get a sense of the full range of furniture options that fall into that category. At the end of the day, it’s most important that you make selections based on what appeals to you rather than what fits best into a category. Even furnishings in entirely different styles can work together.

Décor can, in fact, help you achieve this balance. Accessories are a great way to create a balance between elements that might otherwise clash. This might be as simple as finding a rug with a border that is exactly the same teal as the ocean in the picture on the wall. Or it might be a slightly less obvious solution, such as bringing mirrors and polished surfaces into a dark room to amplify light.

Either way, starting with a complete set can help maintain the cohesion of a room since mix and match furniture can sometimes create a sense of disarray. When in doubt, plants break all the rules. The right plant will match just about anything.


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