Personal Health issues

Personal health is the wellness of an individual. Personal health is offered to people who are not able to take care of themselves, for instance, people with mental illness, physical handicaps, etc.

Personal health is the conscious effort of a person to take care of health. It includes physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and economic well-being. Some of us don’t take care of their body so we recommend them to use best bath and body works wallflower scents.

Here are some personal health issues that an individual faces at any phase of life.

Physical Activity:

Many types of research have shown that daily physical activity or exercise can prevent many diseases, like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, depression, etc. Inactivity and less physical movement can lead to many diseases, like being overweight. Go to your local parks and gyms for exercise and walking programs that will keep you healthy and fit. Along with exercising, you should take meals with balanced nutrients and avoid junk food.

Overweight and Obesity: 

An obese and overweight person is more likely to have different diseases and die from hypertension, diabetes type 2, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, breast cancer, prostate gland, colon cancer, etc. You can also use hgh injections for weight loss too.

In-depth researches and studies are available on the internet and practical advice for the obese and over-weight person

Tobacco consumption:

All over the world, tobacco and tobacco products are used by a large population. Tobacco is an avoidable cause of illness and premature death in the world. Smokers have much probability of lung failure, oral and lung cancer. And the smoke of tobacco is also harmful to the environment and other people.

Awareness about the repercussions of smoking is increasing among people. Smokers who want to quit tobacco consumption is more likely to have the support of a physician.

Mental Health:

People think that dementia is part of aging. But dementia is caused by different diseases, side-effects of medications. There are different kinds of Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Some are temporary, some are not. This disease is most common in aged people, but the most common mental issue that comes late in life is depression. We suggest to use best beds in uk so that you can sleep well. If it remains untreated, it can lead to suicide. Therefore, the rate of suicide in elderly white men is high than in any other group.

Skin problems:

Melanoma is the most dangerous kind of virus. It is not common skin cancer. This cancer usually looks like a flat mole on the skin with changing colour. It shows up as a new spot but can also form in the existing mole. It can also spread to different organs. A cancerous mole or spot can be found anywhere on the body.

The cause of melanoma cancer is the dangerous rays of the sun. Too much sunlight can be harmful to the skin it can cause many skin problems and cancers. A person having fair skin has more chances to be affected by the UV rays of the sun.

The way to prevent these kinds of diseases is to protect your skin from sunlight. There are many ways to protect your skin like sunscreen, sun-protective clothes, etc. People should avoid sunbathing and tanning salons, which can be dangerous for their skin. Try your best to avoid the sun, if not then take protective measures.

Nail Injuries and Problems:

Small issues in fingernails and toenails are common. Almost everyone has these issues one time or another, for instance, ripped nails by catching in something, nail of finner smashed in the door, etc. These injuries are common and not serious. But you can prevent infection in minor nail problems at home.

Fingernails grow one-tenth of a millimetre each day, but toenails grow slower one-third than fingernails. Different diseases can slow the rate of growth of nails and can also change the colour of nails.

Nails can weaken by too much exposure to water, strong soap and chemicals. We should keep our nails clean and use lotion.

Common nail injuries and problems are splitting, peeling and brittle nails.

Small white marks are usually due to minor injuries. It may last for few weeks and go away on its own. Black purple color is usually due to blood under the nails and goes away with healing. Infection, allergic reactions and fungal nail infections can cause by artificial nails.

Ingrown nails can be painful with a swelled finger, which is resulted from improper trimming or heredity. The nail of the finger can be separated from the bed due to injury or accident. The nail separated from the bed cannot reattach. It will take about six months for fingernails and 18 months for toenails to fully grow.

Substance Abuse:

Substance use refers to the use of drugs and alcohol. This abuse is often do not associate with seniors. They may self-medicate themselves by using illegal drugs, which can result in serious health problems.

Hair Loss:

Every person loses some hairs every day. Losin hair about 100 is normal. But if hair loss is more than this could lead to baldness in men and thinning of hairs in women. Heavy hair falls usually start around the age of 50.

Hair loss is a common issue. But it is essential for one’s personality and can change your look. There are many different ways to treat your hair loss.

Hereditary, age, poor diet, chemotherapy, stress, including physical stress can damage your hair. Some common mistakes, we should avoid for the health of our hair like do not pull back your hair tightly, tight braids or ponytails, and avoid iron and dyes.

If you are losing hair all over the head it is called general hair loss. But if you are losing your hair in a specific area of the scalp, it is called focal hair loss. When a person gets the hair loss inherently, men usually get bald spots on the head, while in women, it gets thinning of hairs all over the scalp, nut more likely on the top of the head.

Good hairs add to your personality, losing hair can lower your confidence and self-esteem, especially for women and teenagers.

The treatment of hair loss depends upon the causes of hair loss. The treatment is totally up to you, if baldness or thinning of hair do not bother you, it depends upon your feelings. If the hair loss is caused by medication, chemotherapy or stress, it can grow back after you take away the cause of hair loss.

But if the hair loss is inherited, then the hair cannot grow back normal. There are some treatments like hair transplants, but this treatment does not work with everyone.


You can control the acne by washing the face with soap and using a lotion that you can get from a nearby shop or pharmacy. You may not need to go to the doctor. Home care can help your acne go away. The treatment of acne at home can prevent you from the side effects of medication. But acne can go leaving scars on your skin. You may not feel confident going to parties and social gatherings.

But if your acne is not healing at home and getting worse, you may need to see a doctor for your acne. Large pimples filled with fluid is called cystic acne. If your parents have acne scars then you should consult a doctor. The doctor may give one or more medicines, maybe lotions or pills. It can take 6-8 weeks for treatment to start to work, and this treatment can prevent the scars.


If you want to see an example of good posture, you can look at the young child, his back with an “S” curve. As a person gets older, his posture and S curve did not remain the same due to his habits, for instance, slouching. And these bad habits can lead you to permanent poor posture. And poor posture can lead to back pain, muscle fatigue, joint degradation, rounded shoulders, etc.

You may improve your posture by improving your lifestyle and bad habits. You may see your doctor for your help.

Here are some poor postures you can see in yourselves and your surroundings.

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Potbelly
  • Bending knees when standing
  • Head that either leans forward or backward


In the USA, about 11-15% of cases of AIDS occur in seniors over the age of 50. During 1991 and 1996, AIDS is reported over twice in adults over 50 than in young. The reason, why it is common in adults is that they are likely to use condoms and have a weakened immune system due to age. The symptoms of HIV are fatigue, weight loss, dementia, skin rashes, swollen lymph nodes which are commonly considered as the aging process.

Here are some points for good health and avoid personal health issues

  • Nutrition Goals
  • Drink More Water
  • Log Three Meals a Day
  • Practice Portion Control
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Eat at the Table
  • Physical Activity Goals
  • Setting Step Goals
  • Trying a New Workout
  • Exercising and Stretching
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Establishing a good Morning Routine
  • Sleep more


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