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Pet-friendly and kid-friendly products to keep your home clean

A dream home is always a clean home. A clean house is an indication of good hygiene and proper sanitation in the house. It gives the impression of a well-maintained place and seems more welcoming than a dirty mess. A pleasant house with a pleasing smell is something every visitor will appreciate and remember. A clean house is a good memory every person will carry with him or her when they leave your house.

When you are looking to keep your home clean and hygienic, you often turn to chemicals that are strong and abrasive in nature. The ingredients of cleaners that use a mix of chemicals are often acidic and can cause serious damage to the skin if there is contact. If you have a kid or a pet in the house, you should turn to organic cleaners. All herbal natural products are made with naturally occurring substances and do not react with the delicate skin of babies and pets. If you are wondering which products you can replace in and around the house, then take a look at this list!

Garden Care

A garden is a place where kids and pets can run around and play without any inhibitions. If you are using chemicals to promote the growth of plants or to keep pests away, think again! You can definitely go for alternatives that do not harm you in any way and have a positive effect on your garden as well. This way you don’t have to keep worrying about what they are doing, touching, or where they are venturing in the garden together. You can try herbal pest repellents and fungi repellents to ensure your garden is safe.

Home Hygiene

A good way to maintain hygiene at home is to ensure you are using effective cleaners. However, you can also choose cleaners that are eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and just as effective. Try the multi-surface sanitizer and disinfectant spray for getting rid of germs on any surface in the house. If you love your vegetables to get cleaned in an instant, you can also use herbal fruits and vegetable wash. Using herbal products rather than chemical ones ensures you are safer when handling the product as well. You can look to herbal products for daily needs like shoe spray, gel hand wash, foam hand wash, and hand sanitizer as well.

At the same time, there are products you can carry with you when you are traveling away from home. Use the herbal toilet seat sanitizer spray to clean the seats before you use the toilet.

Insect repellents

When you opt for herbal repellents, you don’t have to worry about insects entering your home at all. The insect killers available in the market are laden with heavy chemicals. They can cause extreme discomfort to those who smell it or inhale the aerosolized form of the chemical. After it has been sprayed it stays on surfaces for a long time and you can get poisoned because of it. When you go for natural repellents like a natural mosquito repellent, the bugs do not enter your home and you don’t have to deal with them. It is recommended you spray it near the entry points.

Since the herbal repellents use natural ingredients, the repellent smells great and does not affect kids or pets. Most pets have a hard time when you use strong-smelling chemicals. However, these are pet friendly and can be used freely.

Pet Care

If you have a pet, you know what it’s like to care for them and want the best for them no matter what. Herbal pet care products are much more beneficial for your dog than the ones with chemicals. They do not harm your pets in any way and employ the use of natural ingredients to keep ticks, lice, mites, and fleas away. You can even use a pet conditioner and shampoo to keep them clean and avoid harsh chemicals that can lead to the untimely shedding of fur. Get a spray to keep the bugs at bay by spraying it on their kennels, beds, and other resting areas.

There are some products you use in your homes like toilet cleaners or kitchen cleaners to get rid of germs and to get rid of grease. They contain high amounts of acidic chemicals that can prove dangerous if they come in contact with bare hands. Such chemicals should be actively avoided if you have kids or pets in the house as they can cause a lot of health issues.

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