Popular sports among students

Recreational sport is an integral part of the physical education of students. Such activities take place on an amateur basis, without any conditions or restrictions for students. In their free time, students can participate in sports clubs and training groups for individual sports. Students can not only engage in their favourite sports, but also place bets in bookmakers on such sports, thereby earning a certain amount of money if their predictions are successful.

One of the most popular bookmakers among students is Betwinner. For their clients, the company has developed a convenient online resource with intuitive navigation. In addition, the management of the office, understanding that students are one of the main categories of people who use mobile gadgets massively has developed for their convenience special mobile Betwinner app. Using the mobile app allows young betting enthusiasts to bet on sporting events anywhere and anytime, as long as they have access to the internet from their smartphone or tablet. Having the option to bet at any time makes it possible not to miss out on all the significant events in their favourite sport.

The most popular sports disciplines among students

There are several sports disciplines that can be called particularly popular among students.

Such sports are. Which attract today’s students can be mentioned as:

  • football;
  • cricket;
  • tennis;
  • rugby;
  • golf;
  • horse racing;

Each of these sports has its own particularities that should be considered when wishing to bet on events in a particular sporting discipline.


The team sport of football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and not only among students. Most young people get involved in this sport at an early age, starting to play in public places, playgrounds and parks.

This team sport is also a very popular betting discipline amongst sports betting enthusiasts. The vast majority of betting shops provide their customers with this opportunity. More often than not, bookmakers offer a large selection of football related sporting events and a wide spread of events in their betting lines.


Cricket is a peculiar sport. Its rules were already prepared more than 300 years ago. But despite its venerable age, this sport is very popular among the students.

The youth of today are keen to take up cricket. There are a large number of betting enthusiasts among the youngsters on events in this sporting discipline. Most betting companies have the most significant events in the world of cricket, so any bettor can make a prediction on an event in it.


Rugby is one of the interesting youth sports, which is popular among students. The sport originated in the early nineteenth century.

Legend has it that it was started by one of the players who mistakenly picked up the ball with his hands and ran. It happened at Rugby School – hence the name of the new game. There is now not only a separate rugby league competition but also a separate tournament involving players from many countries. Many bookmakers present Rugby events in their lines with a good spread.


Tennis was formed as a sport at the end of the nineteenth century and is still one of the most expensive and aristocratic versions of the sport. The biggest tennis tournament, Wimbledon, takes place in England.

One interesting fact about the tournament is that it was founded in 1877 and is the oldest tennis competition, but the prize money was founded in 1968.

As the sport is very popular not only with students but sports fans in general, almost all betting shops offer the opportunity to bet on tennis results.

Golf and horse racing

Golf was originally one of the most popular traditional national games in Scotland, where there are now over four hundred courses for the game. It is in Scotland that the Royal and Ancient Club, which is the most famous school of golf, is located.

Horse racing, as one of the equestrian sports, was formed in England. It holds an annual tournament in Ascot, which is watched by the Queen herself.

High level of popularity among young people of these sports has led to their inclusion in most betting companies in their lines, but it should be noted that the list of events is not as extensive as, for example, in football or tennis.


Polo is a form of equestrian sport that didn’t appear in England long ago – it got here in the 19th century. Players on the field are judged not only on their skills, but also on their family status. As a rule, most participants boast a high level of aristocratic heritage.

As well as these sports, athletics, badminton, squash and curling are also popular with students.


Which betting shops are available for students to bet on sporting events?

Students can choose to bet on events in their favourite sports at any betting shop. It is better to bet at legal betting shops.

How to bet on an event in sports at a betting company?

Betting on events in any sports discipline can now be found in almost every bookmaker’s office. The administration of the betting company provides detailed instructions on its official online resource on how to correctly place different types of bets. Therefore, there are usually no difficulties with the betting process, even for beginners in the betting world.

How to bet on popular sports and win?

Betting on the results of events in the world of sports to win requires a good knowledge of the sports discipline and the abilities of all the participants in the sporting event. To win, it is also important to do your own analysis of the encounter and not just read predictions.


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