Practical Tips when Buying Leggings and Tights

With everything going on in the world right now, a lot of people are finding comfort and a release from stress by working out or staying active. That might mean going for a walk or hiking, or it might mean Yoga, or it might mean some form of lifting. When you workout your performance and comfort are directly impacted by the activewear you choose to put on. Whether you choose to only wear it for exercise or you also wear it for comfort, it is important to find the right material and apparel for your needs. Secondly, it is recommended to choose a reputable activewear brand, such as Ryderwear. Here is a look at what great workout clothes look like and how to avoid showing too much when you squat in your leggings!

Feel confident and comfortable

Not all activewear is created equal so it is a good idea to explore your options. When you are in it you should feel comfortable of course, but also it should make you feel confident about what you can achieve. It should cover what you need to have covered, give the best support in areas that need it, stretch with you when you squat and not show the dreaded yoga pants camel toe.

Look for high-quality fabrics

High-quality fabrics are going to feel better, support you better, and ensure the material stays in place where it is meant to. The latest fabric technology can also help you get a bigger bum to achieve that peachy butt-lift effect. You might also want to look for other qualities such as keeping you cool when you get hot, sweat absorbing, durability and quick-drying. When you invest in top quality squat proof leggings, 3 years later there should still be no bagginess, they should still stretch and return to shape as you move, and they should not be see-through each time you squat in them.

How important is sustainability to you?

It is easy to get caught up in how well your squat proof tights fit, how they look, and how they hold up after a few sessions. But there are other things to think about when you are purchasing your activewear. Sustainability is becoming a very important issue and thankfully more great activewear designers and suppliers are realising they have an opportunity to make a positive change. How are the materials sourced, is the packaging biodegradable, are they making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint? When you buy your activewear from certain places that place a priority on sustainability you are sending a message as you help the world around you.

Top fitness tips to working out

Once you have found some great squat proof leggings to workout in, ones that are not see-through, do not slide down, and allow you the flexibility you need, here are some things to consider to keep yourself motivated and moving.

  1. Workout with someone, it is a great way to stay accountable and you can help motivate, support and push each other.
  2. Get it however you can. If your routine is not possible right now, look online for options, go for a walk or a run.
  3. If you are feeling fatigued, give your body a break and let it recover.
  4. Work on your mental health as well as your physical.


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