Pragmatic Play’s RTP, Best Slot Picks in 2022

The discussion this time is about the amount of RTP in Pragmatic Play, of course we will simultaneously discuss what RTP is. So that you don’t get confused about using the information that we will provide. One of the steps to be able to benefit from the IDN Slot market is to utilize information about RTP.

What exactly is RTP? RTP means Return to Player, in the sense that it is the payment that players will get when betting on a slot machine. So by knowing each RTP amount, the winning rate that you can get will automatically double.

Meanwhile, Pragmatic Play itself is a well-known provider of slot games. Abbreviated as PP and has many slot machine variants that you can choose from. With so many choices of slot machine types, maybe you can get confused yourself if you want to focus on making a profit.

To make it easier for you, you can take advantage of all the information that we will provide. So, let’s dive straight into the full RTP offered by each slot machine on Pragmatic Play and apply some of the tips and tricks.

Pragmatic Play’s RTP Role in Betting

RTP Pragmatic Play really plays an important role in terms of your victory. Basically, the slot really adheres to the RTP, so if you don’t pay attention to it, you can be sure that the amount of profit that can be obtained will also be small.

There is one more term in slot games, namely RNG or random number generator. The term RNG is also related to RTP, because slot machines are now all digital. This means that the randomization of symbols in the game is no longer mechanical. But already entirely using a digital process.

The higher the RTP on a machine, it means that the RNG process tends to be on the player’s side. In slot games, there is also the term Volatility, or known as the percentage of wins a player gets, the winning variants can be very diverse, it can be double the bet, three times and more.

Every RTP, RNG and Volatility are related. So it’s very wise if before you play, make sure all the supporting points are positive towards victory. Because it’s really unfortunate if you only focus on betting without getting the benefits.

In essence, Pragmatic Play’s RTP will be an explanation of whether a slot machine can generate more profit or not. The maximum RTP figure itself is 97% and the lowest is 26%. If you now want to focus on making a profit when betting on the slot market.

So it’s a good idea to start by paying attention and calculating the type of slot machine that provides the biggest RTP. After understanding this RTP, then you will learn other points that support winning while betting on the slot market.

RNG The Most Important Role in Slot Machines

In the past, slot machines were moved mechanically, each piece of a picture symbol would change as the bet was made and the spin button was pressed. The spin that occurs on this slot machine is now called the RNG, now slot machines use digital programming.

So that the randomization of the image symbols on the Slot Pulsa display can occur. Each combination and so on in a slot machine can also occur because of the RNG. So naturally you also have to pay attention to the RNG if you want to focus on making a profit while betting.

Indeed, the RNG has no magnitude, but you can tell from experience. That is why it is highly recommended for new players in slot machines to focus on learning each variant first. And don’t spend money on one type of slot machine.

It could be that the RTP on the machine is small, but the RNG turns out to be positive. In the sense that you can get more winning symbols. Or vice versa, but mostly when the RTP is high. So the RNG that can be obtained also tends to be more positive for players.

So the term RTP is indeed the main explanation, you can also make a direct choice based on RTP. But if you want to be more careful then you can also pay attention to how the RNG runs in a slot machine.

An effective way to find out this RNG is from your overall winnings while betting in slot machines. The more positive the RNG on a machine, the more wins you will have. We cannot determine this RNG, because RNG itself is made to randomize, that’s why RNG has no value or barometer.

We can only mention negative and positive terms. Just like getting a jackpot in a poker game, it’s also because of the RNG. So the course of the bet is your calculation to see if the RNG is positive or negative for you.

Slot Machine Volatility

Pragmatic Plays RTP Best Slot Picks in 2022v

Meanwhile, volatility itself is the level of risk when you bet on a slot machine. Of course, the higher the volatility, the greater the possibility of losing.

The way to find out this volatility is quite easy, which is based on your experience when betting. First determine the type of slot machine you are playing and then play until enough, calculate the total wins and losses. Then compare it to your total game.

Suppose you play on a slot machine 100 times, then win 60 times and lose a total of 40 times. So you can see the direct comparison that this machine has a volatility of winning 60% compared to losing.

Same with RNG, Volatility is also not displayed directly. So if you want to know, you need to test it live. Just provide enough capital to bet several times and try to place a small bet first.

Because the goal is not to win the game. But testing the volatility level of a slot machine, so it’s wise if you then have very complete information about a slot machine first. Instead of jumping right in and then focusing on getting a win.

This is certainly not in accordance with the concept of professionals in making this profit. So start moving to generate more profit in a more structured way.

Namely paying attention to RTP, RNG and Volatility. So that in the future the vision of getting the benefits will be clearer and easier. By better knowing all this information, you pave the way to make more profits in online betting.

Pool RTP in Slots

The following are some examples of RTP in a slot machine bet at Pragmatic Play:

Game Slots RTP Game Slots RTP
Starlight Princess 89% Chicken Chase 75%
Gates of Olympus 98% Chicken Drops 64%
Sweet Bonanza 96% Christmas Carols 89%
Sweet Bonanza Xmas 73% Clover Gold 40%
Wild Beach Party 51% Day of Dead 62%
5 Lions Megaway 59% Diamond Strike 84%
8 Dragons 79% Elemental Gems 39%
888 Dragons 77% Extra Juicy 29%
888 Gold 86% Extra Juicy Megaway 26%
The Amazing Money 58% Eye of Cleopatra 54%
Aztec Gems 48% Fire 88 24%
Aztec Gems Deluxe 61% 777 Fire Strikes 91%
Bonanza Gold 44% FireStrike 2 95%
Caishen Cash 64% Fruit Party 83%
CandyVillage 88% Fruity Party 2 58%
Cash Bonanza 49% Gates of Valhalla 90%
Cash Elevators 33% Goblin Heists 72%
Cash Patrol 50% GoldenBeauty 77%
RockVegas 58% Golden Train 88%

From the number of slot deposit pulsa games above, you have seen the RTP each has. And you can immediately determine which slot variant you want to play. Indeed, the first step should be to start focusing on your winnings from looking at each type of the right RTP on a slot machine.

Pragmatic Plays RTP Best Slot Picks in 2022vv

2022 Are Slots Still Gacor?

After knowing every important point that plays a role in bringing you to victory, surely you are wondering if in 2022 slots are still fun or profitable?

The answer is of course yes, because considering that there are still lots of betting players who can profit from millions to hundreds of millions from slot games. With a small bet value, the jackpot that they managed to collect was actually very large.

So you are curious about the proof, then you can immediately register yourself on a trusted online betting site that has a number of pragmatic slot machines. And play there.

Betting on online slots can be started by registering here. Then if you already have an account after registering, you can immediately fill in the balance.

Then you can choose the most suitable type of slot machine to play. Don’t forget to choose a slot machine according to the information above, so you can max win every time you play.

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