Product Review: Lofree Lipstick Keyboard Delivers a Noble Sense

Can you believe that a retro wireless keyboard delivers a noble sense? Have you ever imagined that a retro wireless keyboard helps you stand out in the office? These all come true as soon as the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard is placed on the worktable. And it adds a noble sense to the temperament of users, which other retro wireless keyboards can’t do it in the same way! So, if you are hesitating to buy such a Lofree dot keyboard, the Lofree keyboard review will help you make a wise decision.  

What is Lofree Lipstick Keyboard?

Lofree Lipstick Keyboard, one of the creations of Lofree, delivers a noble sense to your office. It is Lofree’s idea to design the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard with unique 79 keys – just like 79 lipstick colors on the makeup counter! That’s why it is called Lofree Lipstick Keyboard.

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How Does Lofree Lipstick Keyboard Work for You?  

  • Color Collocation

Lofree Lipstick Keyboard’s multicolored design helps you to be distinctive in the office. The 79 keys are painted with unique colors, from sandy whites to bright pink to deep plum, and everything in between. Using the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard will make your office nobler and more one of a kind.

  • Typing Experience

Lofree desires to introduce a totally new experience of typing by the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard. Its Gateron keys convey a clicky and comfortable feeling that other mechanical keyboards can’t deliver you in the same way. Moreover, the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard also performs excellently in the keypress volume, sound, and response speed.

  • Wide Compatibility & Light Weight

The Lofree Lipstick Keyboard is widely compatible with Windows, Mac/IOS, Android for PC, smartphone, and tablet. With the keyboard, you can only work with your cell phone or tablet computer, without bringing a heavy laptop. Moreover, the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard weighs only 810g and its dimensions are 306×144.5×30.6mm, which surpasses many other mechanical keyboards available on the market. So, the mechanical keyboard is very portable to carry, allowing you to travel light.  

  • Long Battery Life

The battery life of the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard is also impressive. The mechanical keyboard is designed with a 4000 mAh lithium battery, which allows you to use it for more than 5 hours with a single charge. This durability lets you be more focused on work and avoids looking around for a socket to charge the mechanical keyboard.

  • LED Nightlight Mode

With a LED nightlight mode and Bluetooth connectivity, the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard combines fashion and function into one cute bundle. The brightness of the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard is adjustable for 4 levels, from low-light to night typing. You can choose the right brightness level according to your preference. The soft LED monochrome backlight also protects your eyes from eye fatigue after long working hours. Furthermore, the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard has a smart sleep feature, which can automatically set the mechanical keyboard to sleep after a period of inactivity.  

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Overall Experience

I still remembered the day when I brought my Lofree Lipstick Keyboard back to my office. The workplace was lighted to be bright and vivid just in a moment. The colleagues came to my table and expressed their appreciation for the retro wireless keyboard, exclaiming how noble it is! Although the price of the mechanical keyboard is a little bit high, it is acceptable based on its great investments in technology, design, and durability. More than anything, using the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard allows you to act both fashionable and professional while working. So, how do you feel after reading the Lofree keyboard review? Can’t you wait to get the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard? 


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