Purpose Of A Planogram And Tips While Drafting One

A planogram is a drawing or layout plan for a retail business to place every product accurately. The process of retail planogramming may be complex or simple depending on how general or small a business or retail store is; these layouts aren’t just an outline but a detailed plan on how everything is set up in the store. Ranging from which aisle something is to which rack it should be placed on, everything is pre-decided.

Objectives of a planogram

A planogram is super helpful for the success of a business; it has the following objectives:-

  • The primary purpose of making a planogram is to understand which thing goes where in a store.
  • A solid reason to make a planogram is that every part of the store has sales.
  • Another purpose of a planogram is the customer’s satisfaction by increasing the aesthetic appeal by placing items to become visually pleasant.
  • If the store has an order, it becomes easy to refill the shelf once the stock ends.
  • This also makes the communication between the staff super effective and the overall flow of products super-efficient.

Tips while making one

Making a planogram isn’t hard; keep a few things in mind, and you can draw a planogram in no time. 

  1. Try to keep it simple: the more time it takes for you to come up with it, the more time it will take to follow it. Following an elaborate plan is hard; hence the project should be kept super simple.
  2. Ask your staff to do it: another efficient way to make a planogram and follow it is getting it made by the team. 
  3. Check how effective it is monthly: You have to check how well the planogram is working by pulling out the sales records every month and judging whether they have made a considerable change in the sales or not.


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