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Quality shower bases made of American made artificial marble 

The shower base is the first and most essential element of the shower enclosure, which is the basis of its design. The convenience and comfort of being in the bathroom will depend on the shape and features of the shower base in the future.

Today, shower trays made of artificial marble are in demand on the sanitary ware market. What are the advantages of products from this material? The artificial (cast) stone of American manufacturer Fleurco contains both natural filler – marble chips and synthetic substances. Thanks to the unique connection, this material is as strong as natural marble but more affordable and easy to decorate the bathroom. You should always try to get some top Power Shower items for yourself.

Excellent wear resistance, strength, and durability – considering all the features of artificial marble, it is an ideal material for manufacturing shower trays. Fleurco’s cast stone products withstand high loads and are therefore more resistant to aggressive bathroom environments. Production features allow us to manufacture a shower tray of any size and design, most suitable in different colors. Glass walls and cabin doors will be installed on the manufactured shower tray, as on the foundation. Another advantage of this material: shower trays made of artificial marble are easy to clean from the resulting stains. Moreover, the surface of the product is protected from the penetration of microbes and bacteria.

New Bathroom Style it is your store

In the New Bathroom Style online bathroom vanity, you can find many attractive artificial stone shower trays of different shapes and sizes and big 84 inch bathroom vanity. We will help you choose exactly the product that best suits your home interior and satisfies all customer needs. The consumer can choose from more than 20 different pallet options.

For small bathrooms, for example, shower trays with a traditional square shape with an exciting pattern are suitable.

New Bathroom Style offers several interesting proposals to choose from for those wishing to install a corner shower cabin. It is a model with a rounded shape and a model that follows the form of a diamond. It is also worth paying attention to the corner pentagonal-shaped artificial marble shower tray. Almost all of these models can be found in three sizes 65×65 inches, 55×55 inches, and 45×45 inches. The exception is the 80×60 inches model is best suited for large bathrooms. Shower trays also differ in the height of the outer rim: standard size – 40 mm or 25 mm – for installation on the floor.

In addition to the non-standard shape, these models are distinguished by an exciting and original pattern, which plays an anti-slip coating.

American manufacturer of artificial marble shower trays Fleurco is a wide range of products, high-quality warranty, and post-warranty service, as well as fast delivery throughout the USA.


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