Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes

Smoking is an unpleasant habit. Some decades ago, it was part of everyday life – wherever you went, you saw people with cigarettes in their hands. Nowadays, smoking is socially ostracized. It can harm your health, but it also takes away from your budget as well as from your free time. Quitting is hard. Seeing that smoking is an addiction, it becomes obvious that going cold turkey isn´t just a challenge, but also harsh on your body – after all, it has become used to it´s regular dose of nicotine. To many smokers, soft weaning is the better alternative. E-cigarettes can help you achieve your goal.

What Are E-Cigarettes and How Do They Work?

E-cigarettes are little electronic devices that come with a tank for the liquid and with a battery. Instead of setting nicotine free by burning tobacco, the e-cigarette operates as a vaporizer, which means that you´ll inhale vapor, not smoke. That already takes away from the high risks that come with smoking, as tar and carbon monoxide – both produced during the burning process – are not set free by the e-cigarette. That´s why using e-cigarettes is also called vaping.

The popular vaporizers come with a little heater that achieves the perfect temperature in order to turn your liquid into vapor. That, too, is an advantage, because the flavor itself and the nicotine are inhaled, but hardly any critical substances.

Types of E-Cigarettes

Depending on your individual taste and your requirements, you can purchase different types of e-cigarettes, the most popular ones being the following:

Cigalikes, which look like real cigarettes, can be rechargeable or disposable. Vape pens are about the same size and shape as a pen, as the name suggests. If you´d like to always carry your e-cigarette on you, a vape pen might be the perfect choice for you.

There are also pod systems, compact chargeable units that are shaped like USB sticks. Pods are usually used with e-liquid capsules. The biggest e-cigarette units are called mods and come in various versions. They enable you to vary power, offer a bigger liquid tank and a longer battery life. The E-Zigarette online shop offers a broad portfolio of the most popular and convenient e-cigarettes there are.

Choosing the Right E-Cigarette

If you cannot picture yourself inhaling vape from an electronic device, cigalikes could be a good alternative for you. Since they look just like cigarettes, vaping will feel a lot more like smoking to you. While vape pens are small enough to fit in your pocket, pods and mods are a good choice, if you mainly want to vape at home. If battery life is crucial to you, mods are the e-cigarette that might suit your requirements best.

Can an E-Cigarette Help You Stop Smoking?

The only thing that can keep you from smoking is you, but vaping can definitely support you during your journey. There are so many different liquids available that you´re sure to find one that tastes great for you. Most liquids come with various echelons of nicotine. When you switch from smoking to vaping, it´s best to choose a liquid that contains a rather high level of nicotine.

After a while, you can reduce the nicotine level and continue that process until you´re good without inhaling nicotine. That´s when you´ve overcome your nicotine addiction. At that point, you can either decide to keep on vaping or try to slowly reduce that, too.

How Safe Are E-Cigarettes?

Most countries strictly regulate the e-cigarette market in order to ensure safety and quality. Even though e-cigarettes aren´t completely risk-free, they are definitely less harmful than cigarettes. As the potentially harmful chemicals are only contained in tiny doses, there´s no critical reason to worry about your health.

What About Risks from Nicotine?

Nicotine is known to accelerate the blood pressure and the heart rate. Because it can also narrow the vessels, it is considered really harmful. That´s why renouncing your bad habit by vaping is a big success.


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