Reasons for choosing stainless steel wall mount shelves

Despite the fact that in the restaurant kitchen the main place is given to the thermal equipment that is used to prepare culinary masterpieces, neutral equipment also remains important. After all, there are a lot of restaurants with open kitchens, where visitors may take a look at the cooking processes of their future meals. Hence, it’s important to keep the professional kitchen clean and tidy. One of the best ways to do this is to use stainless steel restaurant equipment, especially furniture. Since this material is easy to clean and has a long-serving life, it’s very convenient to make use of such furniture on a daily basis. Moreover, steel shelves can perfectly expand the space of the cooking area by putting all utensils on them! Therefore, restaurant shelving stainless steel is very useful and necessary for any institution.

Advantages of choosing a stainless steel wall shelf

Modern wall mounted metal shelving meet the following criteria:

  1. Hygiene. As the surface of the steel equipment is in direct contact with the dishes, it is necessary to follow all sanitary norms. Stainless steel is a completely safe material in this regard. It prevents the appearance and development of pathogenic bacteria and fungus.
  2. Durability. Of course, daily usage affects the wear of the device. However, because of the precipitation hardening process, steel accessories shelving casters can withstand intense loads and do not crack under the weight of plates and cups. Thus, the cost of this furniture justifies itself.
  3. Reliable fastening. The shelf on a professional kitchen must be firmly fixed to the wall, work surface, in order to limit the risk of falling. Otherwise, the institution will incur significant costs on broken plates and utensils. Stainless steel accessories here are the best solution!
  4. Strength. The better and stronger shelf restaurant shelving stainless steel you buy, the longer it will serve. Some models can function properly in the kitchens of institutions for several decades!
  5. Attractive appearance. Despite the fact that in most cases the kitchen of the institution remains closed to visitors, it should always maintain an attractive appearance. This creates the right mood in the staff and indicates the status of the restaurant. Therefore, even equipment such as a stainless steel shelf should harmonize with the overall interior of the kitchen.

Varieties of  stainless steel wall shelving

There are different types of restaurant shelving stainless steel:

  • single-level;
  • two-level;
  • three-level.

Standard hinged stainless steel shelves may be purchased for the professional kitchen of a cafe, restaurant, shop, canteen, bakery, bar, pizzeria, etc. A stainless steel wall shelf can be also open, with bumpers at the back, closed at the back and sides, as well as shelves-cabinets — closed shelves with swing doors or compartment doors. Compartment doors can be installed in shelves longer than 1 m, in small shelves it is more rational to use swing doors for full access to the inner space of the shelf. The AmGoodSupply company produces stainless steel shelves and stands of any size and complexity. In addition, you can always buy industrial stainless steel stands for ovens, industrial stoves and combi steamers, stainless steel tableware for equipment. Remember that stainless steel equipment is always a good solution!

Where to buy wall mounted metal shelving?

On the pages of the online store “AmGoodSupply”, there is a huge range of equipment, in particular, you can buy professional restaurant shelving stainless steel. In the catalog, the customer can choose the furniture by its type, configuration, and size. For restaurants and places with a high attendance rate, it’s suitable to buy shelves 1000 mm long and more, and for small cafes, shelves of 400-900 mm will suffice. All products meet the highest quality standards, so they are suitable for professional use. Residents of NJ and other states of the US can buy stainless steel shelves of the best quality right now. Make your choice and follow the trends of modern society!


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