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Videos are one of the most worthwhile ways of presenting large amounts of data in a single file and helps you stand out from the competition no matter what industry you are in. It’s an easy to share content format accross multiple platforms but what if your video becomes corrupted or you’re unable to play a particular video? You’ll have to rework from scratch.

Well, there are ways to fix this video corruption and play damaged files. This article will breifly explain about how to repair corrupted videos.

Why Your Video Is Corrupted?

Regardless of the various video formats, including MOV and MP4, there is a chance that videos might get damaged. Following are some of the reasons that can cause the corruption of video files.

1- Viral Attacks- A video file could become infected with viruses or malwares in the system resulting in inaccessibility of files.

2- Shut-downs- Sudden power failure or immediate shuts off while videos are still being played can lead to corruption of files.

3- Improper conversion- Videos get corrupt when they are not converted properly to other file formats.

4- Damaged storage devices – Hard drives may get corrupted and develop bad sectors so corrupt storage drives or memory cards can affect the viability of a video file.

5- incomplete download – An incomplete download of videos may damage the video files on your computer.

Repair Your Video

You can easily repair the damaged, corrupt or unplayable video files of various formats and sizes with the help of free video repair software. Repair it tool allows to reproduce the file without losing its original quality. You can get back to your video with ease by following the below simple 3 steps.

Step 1: Download Repairit and Add the Damaged Video

Download the Mac video repair tool and launch it. Now, by clicking the add option, Addour damaged MOV, M4V or MP4 video files from computer folders or simply drag them easily.

Step 2: Repair the Video

To start the repairing process, click the repair button. You can select multiple damaged videos.

Step 3: Preview your repaired file

When the repairing process is complete, you can preview the video in different formats to make sure that results are as expected.

If you don’t get the actual result that you wanted, you can use the advanced feature.

Advanced Video Repair:

Repairit provides the feature of advance repair.

1- Add a sample video and analyze the data for video file repair. Ensure that sample video and damaged videos have the same format and damage source.

2- Now, choose the desired format ( MOV, M4V, or MP4) and save the video files to any safe destination.

When you’re done with saving your files, a confirmation message will pop up showing a link to the location of your saved file.

Features of Repairit:

-Wonder share Repairit Video Repair provides a preview of the repaired video files. In this way, you get to know whether the files are fully repaired or not.

-Supports different file formats including MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A, and F4V and effectively repair the files.

-It doesn’t limit the size of files and can be used to repair standard definition and high definition video files.

-This Mac video repair tool fix the issue of distorted images while videos are being played, delay in audio, out of sync audio-video and auto fix the incorrect data.

-Repairs videos which are damaged due to compression issues and the ones stored on hard drives or other storage media.

You can use some regular ways on your Mac for video file repairing. There are 2 easy methods to do so.

  1. Convert the video format

You can repair the video files on Mac by converting the format or codec of the corrupted video file. VLC Media Player is a quick solution to do this repairing mechanism.

-Download and install the VLC media player.

– Select media option from Menu and then select convert/save.

– A dialogue prompt will show up, add the damaged video file here and click convert/save.

-After conversion of the file, giva a new name for the video file in the next window.

– Select input codec from profile list and edit the selected profile, choose video/audio codecs as per your requirements.

– Save all the settings. Once done, the repair process will continue and repaired video file will be ready.

  1. Change the File Extension

A corrupted video file can also be fixed by changing the file extension.

-From dropdown Menu, Click on the file then click on Get Info.

– Now change the extension e.g(from .mov to .avi.) in the name and extension text box.

Prevent your Future Files:

There are some effective ways that can prevent video files from being corrupted and saves a lot of time and effort in future.

1- Make sure to install secure antivirus software and update it regularly.

2- An unexpected or immediate shut downs cause file damages so invest in backup power, always check the battery on your Mac and keep it fully charged while working on the videos.

3- Backup of data is really important. Do backup your video files at multiple locations, it will surely save your time in future.

4- An incomplete file transfer can trigger video corruption, properly transfer the videos between devices without any interruption and do not stop it mid-way.

5- It is really essential to use the storage devices carefully so fix all the logical issues to prevent video corruption. Check if there is enough space on drive or memory card, don’t store videos if it’s full.

6- Use secure servers to archive or store video files. There are different cloud storage services that lets you save large video files, are safe and provides easy accessibility. Prefer to use these encrypted servers and keep your files protected.


Videos may get corrupt for multiple reasons. Don’t worry if you have to deal with corrupted video files, you can fix the issues by using sound and hassle-free, free video repair. It is a powerful tool with a user- friendly interface that enables to get you the desired results.

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