Review: Grim & Mild Podcasts Voiced By Aaron Mahnke

There is no doubt that Aaron Mahnke is a great storyteller. He started his career podcasting in 2015 and has only risen in success ever since. It is difficult to create a podcast with no guests, so we know that he had his work cut out for him. If you’re thinking of creating a podcast of your own, you can use SpotifyStorm to give your account a boost in listeners and subscribers. This article will review the three podcasts that Mahnke voices, but there are others that his company Grim & Mild produces. 


His original podcast since 2015, is widely successful and the start of his journey as a podcaster. He narrates horror stories that are possibly true, exploring the lines between folklore and truth. Each podcast is short enough to listen to in one sitting, and the content is both creepy and interesting. Mahnke’s voice is part of the appeal of this podcast, because he is an expert at narration, and even though his stories are already interesting, his touch certainly elevates the storytelling to another level. 

The podcast was so successful that he created a series on Amazon Prime based on it, as well as a number of books. It is highly critically acclaimed and has won several awards. This is a true example of successful podcasting and the result of hard work

Cabinet Of Curiosities

This is not just excellent storytelling. Aaron Mahnke takes it a step further by adding plot twists and occasional humor to this odd topic. They are even shorter than Lore episodes, which makes it easy to go through a lot of episodes quickly. This is basically a shorter version of the Lore podcast, but more digestible. The stories focus on bizarre and unbelievable coincidences in history, rather than folklore. 


With expert research, this podcast focuses on events in history that have since been clouded and obscured with surrounding stories. Again, he brings his excellent storytelling skills to bring to life what has the potential to be a boring history lesson. This podcast does, however, include guests – prominent historians that can shed light on the stories that he brings to us. Each season focuses on a specific period in history, namely: The Salem Witch Trials, The Spiritual Movement, and Jack the Ripper. 

Overall, all three of his podcasts are well-researched and exceptionally narrated. Even if it isn’t a topic you are particularly interested in, you may find yourself sucked into the story. His company Grim & Mild produces other podcasts that revolve around the same general theme, and are just as interesting to listen to. However, most listeners will tell you that his narration makes all the difference in the final result. Even though the other podcasts are good, they don’t stand out like the stories he records personally. His voice is able to pull the listener into the story and keep them engaged, even for longer periods of time. If you haven’t started listening to any of Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts, you should start now. 

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