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Review of Gem4me MarketSpace and its New Main Page

The current situation in the world depicts the obvious advantages of online shopping, as buying and selling on the Internet is simple and profitable. Sellers don’t have to bear the expense of maintaining a full-fledged store – it is simply enough to upload pictures of products and add effective descriptions. At the same time, buyers can choose a desired product from thousands of offers all without even getting off the couch.

One of the most convenient and easy to use services for online commerce is Gem4me MarketSpace. This marketplace is based on a messenger where each user can buy or sell something, while its distinctive feature is that it is a venture project in which anyone can participate.

Users are able to purchase and sell products and services from various categories in the application: from makeup, hand-made items, clothing and household appliances to homes and even horses. The marketplace also offers branded items and exclusive products for any budget. The application boasts commerce with neighboring regions in a particular country, as well as, transnational deals between users in different countries. All inquiries pertaining to a transaction can be resolved directly in the built-in chat. Furthermore, the special translator-bot makes communication between users from different countries seamless and convenient.

This international commercial platform was launched in 2019, ever since then it has been actively developing and proved itself as an essential portion of the application’s ecosystem. The team is continuously working on improving the platform further; a major update to the main page was announced at the end of 2021. The article will discuss changes in further detail.

Capabilities of the Updated Main Page in Gem4me MarketSpace

Review of Gem4me MarketSpace and its New Main Page1 2

A main page – is the “face” of a marketplace, which is why developers pay utmost attention to its options and interface. It must be convenient in use and clear to a user.

The latest release is focused precisely on that notion. The main page now depicts the best and hottest offers – ads with discounts and enticing promotions, latest additions and most popular items.

The application’s algorithms adjust to your interests and preferences, gathering products similar to the ones you look at most frequently, located in the “Recommended for you” section.

Further, the bottom section of the page depicts the most sold items which are in the highest demand.

Moreover, Gem4me MarketSpace allows for not just private entities to sell products and services, as recently the option of creating a store was added for legal entities as well. Users can see them in the updated “Top stores” sections.

Additionally, the updates also were implemented to “Favorites”, “Orders” and “Transactions” sections. The interface became more fluid, simple and neat – even those who launch MarketSpace for the very first time will be able to navigate through.

Review of Gem4me MarketSpace and its New Main Page2 2

It is also worth noting the updates to the search function in the application, as it is now quite similar to the Web-version. Initial search shows results and matches in the name of an ad, its category and hashtag. A user can choose the most suitable option out of the results and proceed with the purchase.

The application is regularly updated. Users can purchase and sell a wide range of products and services on the Gem4me MarketSpace platform. The team of the ecosystem notes: the marketplace will continue to develop and sophisticate with new and exciting options becoming available for buyers and sellers in the nearest time.


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