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When people visit online casinos, they will see their gaming products. If a casino has over 1000 games, it will stand for 800-900 slots and only one or two hundred tables’ games and live shows. So, slots belong to favorites in the gambling market. The slot section has a few subsections with different types of slot machines. This article presents information about all of them to let you select the best one for your preferences.

Traditional 3 Reel Classic Slots

Before the Internet era, people used to test their Lady Fortuna in on-land casinos. Old slot machines had one or three reels. So, 3-reel online slots are the same. The number of paylines is limited. The most lucrative rewards require three same symbols per one of the three offered horizontal lines.

Advanced 5 Reel Slots

Game providers who decided to stand out from others add a couple of new reels to promise more winning ways. 5-reel slots have an improved design and do not look old-school. This innovation attracts players who want more and search for different slots with thrilling, rewarding opportunities. Some manufacturers moved further and created eight and even nine reel slot machines to impress the target audience.

Progressive Slot Machines

Some game providers do not offer fixed jackpots. They intrigue gamblers with the help of progressive wins. Everyone who invests in a game (bets, in other words) increases the total win. For example, the initial slot jackpot is 100x. The first and next player’s stakes and this indicator start growing. The game gets back to the initial reward as soon as someone triggers the jackpot combination. Some progressives have from 1 to 2 million coin jackpots.

Such games fit those who dream of becoming a millionaire instantly. The only disadvantage is the eligibility requirements. They demand the highest-stake gambling from everyone who wants to make a fortune.

Multi-line Entertainment

Some online slots demand a single bet per all paylines, while others let a person choose whether to bet on 1 or 3-9 paylines. Both types of slots have their pros and cons. The indisputable advantage of one-for-all bets is that a person invests and has all chances to win because all lucky combos are considered. However, such slots seldom boast high instant payouts.

Multi-line selection lets a gamer control the budget and enjoy big wins. Unfortunately, experienced gamers know that it is expensive to bet on all lines, though it is hard to win when selecting 1 or 2 lines out of 3-9.

Slots with Bonus Multipliers

A person usually deals with either straight or bonus multipliers. The first one rewards a person with the same sum for each lucky combo. There is no need to select the highest value coin because it will not activate any bonuses. The second multiplier provides extra cash for high rollers. Wins are higher compared to their previous type. One coin is in charge of all paylines. As a rule, players prefer such slots to others.

Slots for Mobile Phones

These slot types are developed especially for smartphones and tablets. Game providers launched apps for their products. A person searches for an Android or iOS version and installs it. It speeds up the gaming process. One directly connects a favorite casino per few clicks and can gamble in any suitable place 24/7.

Mobile gaming considers the peculiarities of the device. That is why app quality is good as PC versions. Everything functions the same. Besides, providers supply their apps with extra navigation options. For example, a person can activate the game or a bonus with phone shaking and simple swiping. best slot games are available in

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